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When Xiao Zian heard that Lin Chujiu wanted to go. He seemed to have felt at lost. He wanted to open his mouth. But, Imperial Concubine Zhou opened her mouth first: “Chujiu, you rarely enter the palace. It’s better to stay a bit more and talk. You can also try to taste some foods in the palace.”

“Maybe some other day.” Lin Chujiu gently declined. Imperial Concubine Zhou was a bit reluctant, but then she only insisted on sending Lin Chujiu out in the palace. However, Lin Chujiu also refused. She didn’t want to go out with Imperial Concubine Zhou.

Xiao Zian looked at the departing figure of Lin Chujiu and his mother. The smile on his face had dim. And it took him a long time to regain the soul in his eyes.

Imperial Concubine Zhou was aware of how bad the Emperor and Xiao Tianyao’s relationship was. But, she was really thankful to Lin Chujiu for saving Xiao Zian, so she would like to help Lin Chujiu within her ability.

When they arrived in front of Qinghe Palace, Imperial Concubine Zhou stopped walking. The smile on her face remained unchanged, but she said with a serious tone: “Chujiu, you saved Zian’s life. I will always remember your kindness. I also want to warn you to stay away in the palace as much as possible.” In this palace, everyone finds Lin Chujiu not pleasing to the eyes. Not only the Emperor.

Imperial Concubine Zhou’s tone was very serious, but the smile on her face looked relaxed and casual. She only looked like thanking Lin Chujiu on the surface.

Lin Chujiu's looked also remained unchanged, she smiles lightly. "Imperial Concubine, just stay here. I can go by myself.”

“I’ll let my people send you out.” Imperial Concubine Zhou’s smile deepens a bit. She then asked a palace maid to send Lin Chujiu out in the palace. With this, those people who wanted to collide with her will have a second thought.

Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse this time. She was not familiar with the palace. She doesn’t want to commit any taboo rules.

However, Lin Chujiu just walked out of the Qinghe Temple, when the Empress’s palace maid stopped in front of her: “Xiao Wangfei, the Empress has invited you to her palace.”

After that, the palace maid put on a gesture of invitation. Giving Lin Chujiu no time to refuse.

Imperial Concubine Zhou’s palace maid was displeased. She wanted to help Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu stopped her: “Lead the way.” The Empress wanted to see her. She can escape today, but what about tomorrow?

“Xiao Wangfei…” Imperial Concubine Zhou’s palace maid looked embarrassed.

Lin Chujiu shook her head: “Go back and tell Imperial Concubine Zhou that I went to visit the Empress.” The Empress doesn’t mind letting Imperial Concubine Zhou know. She knew Imperial Concubine Zhou will not make a move against her.

With the Empress’s invitation, Lin Chujiu went to Luan Feng Palace. But, she wasn’t brought to the main hall. Instead, she was brought to the garden house. Lin Chujiu went along with them, and just watched the Empress watering the plants. 

The Empress doesn’t like a lot of people serving her. So, right now, aside from the old mama, no one else was inside.

“Xiao Wangfei, the Empress has been waiting for you in the garden house. This slave can only send you up to this place.” Without waiting for Lin Chujiu’s words, the palace maid bent her knees to pay respect and then left.

The Garden House was made of glass. The surrounding wall was transparent on all sides. So even from afar, she can see the red and purple flowers.

Lin Chujiu stepped forward, but stopped in front of the door of the garden house and greeted the Empress: “Greetings to the Empress.”

“Chujiu, you came?” The Empress answered back and took a glance. The Empress didn’t make her wait for a long time. She handed the kettle to the Old Mama beside her. Then, she took a towel on the shelf and wiped her hands: “Come in, what do you think of the flowers inside the palace garden?”

“Thank you, Niangniang.” Lin Chujiu entered the garden house and looked around. Then, she smiled and said: “The flowers are beautiful.” Lin Chujiu admitted that she didn’t understand the essence of flowers. So, she could only use that adjective.

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