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Xiao Tianyao has delayed a lot of time of his plan in order to accompany Lin Chujiu into the palace. So, as soon as he came back, he immediately summoned Liu Bai and Su Cha and asked about the situation outside.

The news of his legs has been confirmed by his enemies. Those people definitely couldn’t wait to make a move on him.

“The pigeons outside the city were all shot down by Tang Tang. No one was left. 36 news was all about you.” Su Cha put a stack of papers in front of Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t even look at them and just ask: “Who is Tang Tang?” He doesn’t seemed remember any of his people with that name.

“Tang Shier is Jing Chi’s younger brother. Jing Chi called him Tang Tang, so… …” When he listened to Jing Chi’s report, he heard that name. So, he also used it.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao nodded his head, then ask, “How is Divine Doctor Mo?” Divine Doctor Mo spend three hours outside, so it can be seen that Imperial Doctor Qin and his master were also powerful.

“Divine Doctor Mo was deceived by Imperial Doctor Qin’s master. He didn’t go to the sects in the capital.”

When Divine Doctor Mo came out of the palace, he received a note. There were only three sentences in it: Master, do you still remember the disciple that you’ve thrown in the pack of wolves? Outside the capital, in the Wind Cliff, this disciple will wait for Master to come. In one hour, if I didn’t see master’s shadow, this disciple cannot guarantee what may happen.

According to Divine Doctor Mo’s character, he will completely ignore this thing, but he was guilty. So, when he read the note, he panicked. He looked for a carriage and went directly to the Wind Cliff outside the city.

The three sides of the Wind Cliff were nothing but the abyss. Only one road could be taken to reach its top.

The top of the Wind Cliff was very windy. Any man stands on the top of it, can be blown away. There was nothing in there aside from the yellow sand. People who go there only have a short day to live.

Divine Doctor Mo climbed up the Wind Cliff. His robes were being blown by the wind. His forehead was covered with sweat. Even his breathing was not stable. But, he didn’t dare to stop the climbing to reach the top.

The wind at the top of the cliff was so scary. It sounded like a cry of a ghost. At the top, Divine Doctor Mo looked at all sides, but he didn’t see any figure.

After waiting for a quarter of an hour, Divine Doctor Mo decided. He was played and missed the chance to deliver the news.

“Xiao Wangye is really cunning.” Divine Doctor Mo didn’t dare to think that this thing was really done by his disciple. So, he only pushed everything to Xiao Tianyao’s head.

After turning around, Divine Doctor Mo hurriedly went down the mountain. But, when he went down, he found out the carriage that sent him was gone.

Divine Doctor Mo didn’t want to expose his secrets. So, when he came to this place, he deliberately left his hidden bodyguards. Now, he can only travel back on his own.

From the capital to the Wind Cliff, he took more than an hour. But now that he will walk back, he doesn’t know how long will it take.

Divine Doctor Mo sent a signal to his hidden bodyguards in the city for help. However, even until Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu returned in Xiao Wangfu. Divine Doctor Mo hasn’t arrived in the capital. Because his people in the capital has long been dead.

After learning that Divine Doctor Mo didn’t die, Xiao Tianyao no longer asked things about him. Imperial Doctor Qin’s master has his own plan. And it was not worth his trouble.

“How about Jing Chi?” Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger on the table and asked Liu Bai.

“There was no problem.” Liu Bai said with full of confidence: “Jing Chi killed them all without an accident. Our people that went with Jing Chi also destroyed the two sects involved. Everyone moved fast.”

With their mobility, they can definitely kill the sects before they receive the news.

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