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Xiao Tianyao didn’t care about what the Emperor had seen, he held back Lin Chujiu’s hand and told her to let go and just relax.

Lin Chujiu put away her hand, but she couldn’t relax at all.

She still didn’t know the exact condition of the Third Prince. So, how could they make such a guaranteed statement? This was about a human life.

The interaction between them was not hidden. So, the Emperor naturally had seen it. Seeing the tension and fear on Lin Chujiu’s face was not fake. The Emperor simply said: “Everyone gets out, Imperial Doctor Qin you stay here and help Xiao Wangfei.”

“Yes, your highness.” Imperial Doctor Qin was feeling helpless, but his facial expression looks normal. He didn’t reveal any worries.

“Let’s go.” When the Emperor turned and walked away. The others naturally didn’t dare to stay. They left one by one. Only Imperial Concubine Zho was left inside. But before she left, she looked at Lin Chujiu with meaningful eyes. Her eyes looked too complex. So, Lin Chujiu didn’t understand what she means… …

After the room was emptied, aside from Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao, only the unconscious Third Prince and Imperial Doctor Qin were inside the inner hall.

“I’ll go and check the Third Prince.” Lin Chujiu took a step forward to go to the bed, but she was stopped by Xiao Tianyao: “Don’t worry, let Imperial Doctor Qin checked him first.”

“Huh?” Lin Chujiu looked at Imperial Doctor Qin and looked at Xiao Tianyao.

Is Imperial Doctor Qin, Xiao Tianyao’s people? 

When Lin Chujiu turned her head and looked at him. Xiao Tianyao understood what she was thinking. So, he stretched out his finger and poked Lin Chujiu’s forehead: “What are you thinking? Imperial Doctor Qin is the Emperor’s confidant.”

“Oh, then… …” Why are you letting him see the Third Prince first?

Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to say out loud her remaining words. Because Xiao Tianyao was looking at her like she was a pig. Fortunately, he didn’t ask why she was as stupid as a pig.

Lin Chujiu just shut her mouth. Xiao Tianyao turned and looked at Imperial Doctor Qin. Then, he asked sarcastically: “What? Do you want benwang to beg you first… …”

“This lowly subject, don’t dare… …” Imperial Doctor Qin suppressed his words and just bowed down his head.

He finally understood what his Master had said: There was no eternal enemy, only eternal interest exist.

He had never thought that one day, he would cooperate with Xiao Wangye.

“Don’t dare. Then, benwang and Wangfei will wait here.” Xiao Tianyao who was like an uncle said, then pulled Lin Chujiu to sit to the side.

“This subject will obey.” Imperial Doctor Qin said and sighed. He didn’t refuse Xiao Tianyao’s order at all. Because he couldn’t afford the price of being exposed.

Imperial Doctor Qin took a large copper basin and resolved the poison in the Third Prince’s body.

Lin Chujiu looked very confused, but she knows it was wise not to ask any question. She pressed the doubt in her heart and just decided to ask Xiao Tianyao, once they get back in Xiao Wangfu.

When Imperial Doctor Qin was treating the Third Prince, Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao didn’t get closed to watch. So, they didn’t know what was happening. All they know was that, after a column of incense, they suddenly heard a vomiting sound. The next moment, the room was filled with a sour smell. The smell was really bad. Lin Chujiu was a doctor, but she finds it unbearable, so what more Xiao Tianyao?

“What’s wrong with the Third Prince?” Why did the medical system’s alarm weaken when Xiao Zian vomit?

“Insect poison.” After Xiao Tianyao said with a slight frowned, he sat down leisurely. As if he was not affected by the smell.

When Xiao Zian finished vomiting. Lin Chujiu looked and saw Imperial Doctor Qin spread out a bed sheet on top of it, so Lin Chujiu didn’t see anything.

How annoying!

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