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After Lin Chujiu completed her greetings. The Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince came forward and paid respect to Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu didn’t say anything, while Xiao Tianyao coldly said: “No need for courtesy.”

When everyone finished paying respect. The Emperor didn’t offer them a seat. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t wait for the emperor’s instruction. He directly took Lin Chujiu to sit down in the empty space. And then, he asked directly: “Huangshang, in addition to the  matter of the Third Prince, what else is there that we needed to enter the palace?”

This attitude was not something that can only be described as arrogance. Xiao Tianyao didn’t take the Emperor seriously. From the bottom of her heart, Lin Chujiu silently sympathized with the Emperor.

When the emperor heard the Third Prince, he tried to suppress his anger.

Although the emperor was really angry, he can still be rational. He secretly took a deep breath and showed a big smile: “In addition to the matter of the Third Prince, of course, zhen wanted to see you. Now that you can walk again, zhen now feel at ease. And if Imperial Father can see your condition right now, he will certainly be happy.”

“Imperial Father was really happy that benwang escaped that disaster and didn’t die. But as for the others, benwang doesn’t know.” Xiao Tianyao’s words were full of sarcasm, but… …

The Emperor was able to act calmly as if those events have nothing to do with him: “If you didn’t die, it means you have a great luck. Tianyao rest assured, zhen will not let anyone  treat you unjustly again.”

“Thank you, Huangshang.” Xiao Tianyao was so ruthless. It was obvious that he was feeling lazy to even stretch his mouth. Seeing the Emperor on the top seems has nothing more to say. Xiao Tianyao lazily speaks the matter, right on the spot: “Huangshang, didn’t you summon my Wangfei to check your sicked son? Where is Zian?”

The Emperor didn’t expect Xiao Tianyao will mention that matter directly. So, he could only say at the moment: “Inside the Inner Hall.”

“Then, let’s go.” Xiao Tianyao got up and took a glance at Lin Chujiu. When Lin Chujiu got up, he took a step forward.

Lin Chujiu silently followed, but at the same time, she thought: Sure enough, if Xiao Tianyao was with me. Nobody wants to bring me trouble. 

Fortunately, although Xiao Tianyao was crazy, he didn’t forget that there was a lot of guards in the palace. He didn’t go directly into the inner hall, he waited for the emperor to get up and lead the way.

Lin Chujiu secretly rejoiced, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get mad. The Emperor has no reason to bring them trouble. Because if the Emperor punish Xiao Tianyao, she will also be in trouble. 

Under the guidance of the Emperor, the Empress and the others walked out from the Imperial Hall. Even Imperial Concubine Zhou who never spoke also followed.

Imperial Concubine Zhou doesn’t care about the battle between the Emperor and Xiao Wangye. All she wanted and praying for, was for Xiao Wangfei to save her son.

In this occasion, it can be said that the snow goddess, Mo Yuer was not qualified to enter the inner hall with everyone. But, Mo Yuer was not aware of this. And she did not only followed everyone but also walked side by side with Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

When Imperial Concubine Zhou noticed Mo Yuer, she knitted her eyebrows. This small concubine walked in front of her?

However, on such occasion, Imperial Concubine Zhou didn’t dare to open her mouth, but she secretly wrote it down inside her heart. On the other hand, Xiao Tianyao suddenly stopped walking, then said with full of dissatisfaction: “Huangshang, you should manage your concubine.”


When everyone heard this, they stopped and looked back. But, who knows when Mo Yuer walked side by side with Lin Chujiu. A small concubine like her did not only walked in front of Imperial Concubine Zhou but also stood beside Xiao Wangfei!

What does Mo Yuer mean by this?

Everyone looked at Mo Yuer, but Mo Yuer completely acted ignorantly. She just stood there calmly. The Empress frowned her eyebrows, she was about to open her mouth, but she heard the Emperor say: “Come, someone helps Yu Meiren to rest in her palace.”

Seeing Xiao Tianyao walking freely, the emperor was already feeling unhappy. So, with Mo Yuer’s move this time, a fire undoubtedly engulfed the Emperor’s heart, but… …

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