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Chapter 228: Emperor, manage your concubine (Part 1)

The Seventh Prince was naturally excited, but he extremely restrained the excitement he felt. After a flash of surprise and joy,  the Emperor’s eyes continued to show concern to the Third Prince.

The Seventh Prince was stunned, so he came closer to the emperors, then said: “Imperial Father, don’t worry, third brother will be fine.”

“Little Seven is right, nothing will bad happen to your third brother.” The Emperor carefully looked at the Seventh Prince. At that moment, he realized that although the Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince came out from the same mother, they don’t look the same.

It was because he ignored the Seventh Prince for long.

Seeing the Seventh Prince like a little man, the emperor realized that his youngest son was now this big, so he couldn’t help but be quite emotional. The Emperor said while holding the Seventh Prince’s hand: “Little Seven, today, you accompany imperial father.”

“Mmm, Little Seven will go together with Imperial Father and accompany Third Brother.” The Seventh Prince always included the Third Prince’s name when he opened his mouth. Because he knew that this love of the emperor was only temporary. The best son for him was the still Third Prince Xiao Zian. If he wanted to get the favor of the Emperor, he mustn’t compete with the Third Prince.

“Good boy, you really care about your third brother.” The Emperor seems wanted to say something, but when his eyes swept from the Crown Prince. The Crown Prince shrink his neck, so he no longer speaks.

The Seventh Prince acted like he didn’t understand a thing. He innocently said: “Imperial Father, not only me, Imperial Mother, Imperial brother, Imperial Concubine and the others are also worried about third brother. Everyone only keeps it to their heart.”

Listening to these words, some dark clouds inside the Emperor’s heart scattered away. Other people felt relieved with this. Only the Empress and Imperial Concubine Zhou were not.

Imperial Concubine Zhou was irritated at the Seventh Prince this time. Because the Seventh Prince didn’t hesitate to used his son to get the Emperor’s favor. On the other hand, the Empress was blaming herself for not being a good mother. Her son was still young, but he needed to hide his true self.  And in order to get his imperial father’s favor, he needed to please a concubine’s son.

This was absolutely shameful for the Empress. But, her son still has to smile and swallow this shame.

The Empress’s face still looked gentle and dignified, but she was tightly clenching her hands that were hidden in her sleeves. Her nails were embedding on her palms, but it seems she doesn’t feel any pain. 

When Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu came to the palace, there was this strange atmosphere. However, the eunuch continued to guide them: “Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei this way please.” Xiao Tianyao was wearing a scarlet robe, while Lin Chujiu was wearing a purple dress when they entered the palace.

When they entered the imperial hall, Xiao Tianyao slowed down his footsteps and walked beside Lin Chujiu. As the two of them continue to walk inside, there was still some light, so they could see everyone’s eyes were staring at them. However, the moment they came in, the door closed and the room become darker. But, who knows why the two of them were still the center of attention.

It’s been a long time since Xiao Tianyao entered the palace because of his crippled legs. But now that he came, the emperor’s eyes were full of shocked and angry. And when the emperor looked at Lin Chujiu, his eyes were full of malice.

Xiao Tianyao ignored all the people’s eyes that looking at them. He walked together with Lin Chujiu in front of the emperor. Then, he bowed his head and said: ” Huangshang.”

This was a greeting?

Lin Chujiu finally saw Xiao Tianyao’s arrogance in front of the Emperor. He really didn’t put the emperor into his eyes.

Sure thing!

Xiao Tianyao didn’t give the emperor a face. Lin Chujiu was also bad in flattering, so she only greeted the emperor, the empress, the princes, and Imperial Concubine Zhou one by one. But, as for the snow goddess Mo Yuer?

Heh Heh … From the moment Xiao Tianyao came inside, Lin Chujiu saw a pair of sticky eyes looking at her husband. So, too bad, she forgot to greet her. 

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