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When Xiao Tianyao turned back, he saw his guardsmen holding their crotch and screaming. The other guard’s hand was being clamped on his back by Lin Chujiu’s hand but seemed not resisting.

Xiao Tianyao shouted: “Stop!”

Oh, God! What kind of Wangfei did he marry in the end? In front of him, she put down two big men with her own hands?

If she was a delicate woman, she will not have the guts to kick a man’s crotch!

When the guard heard Xiao Tianyao’s order, he immediately wanted to stand. But, he was a bit late. Lin Chujiu lifted her foot and kicked the guard’s butt on the ground. She slammed the guard before she let go.

Those movements can really… … make a person speechless.

Xiao Tianyao took a deep breath, then said: “Lin Chujiu, remember your identity!”

“Wangye, remember what you promised me, let me enter the palace!” She certainly remembered her identity. But, the medical system keeps reminding her, so how can she forget Xiao Zian?

“Benwang said…”

When Xiao Tianyao was about to refuse again, Lin Chujiu hurriedly interrupted him: “Wangye, I also said that I must enter the palace. Right now, the imperial guard came to pick me. Why do you want to argue with Imperial Guard Hu for me?”

“Who said benwang is doing this for you?”

“It’s not for me? Then, Wangye you should understand. I originally wanted to enter the palace on my own. But now, the emperor sent his people to invite me. I must go. If you still don’t feel relieved, then you can accompany me.” Lin Chujiu said then pointed her finger towards his legs: “Your legs were now cured, is it not?”

Xiao Tianyao's legs were now cured. He wanted to show it in front of many people. People will believe the rumors more after seeing the fact that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were not only cured but also perfectly fine.

“In order to enter the palace, you are really willing to do everything.” Even using him?

Lin Chujiu went closed to Xiao Tianyao and said helplessly: “Wangye, I really have no choice. If there is another way, I will not enter the palace. You can check it. I and third prince were unfamiliar, but… …” 

“But, what?”

“Master’s principle in life cannot be violated.”  Lin Chujiu sighed heavily.

Xiao Tianyao still doesn’t believe her: “Your Master still manage your life even up to now?”

“Wangye, there are things I cannot say now. I’ll tell you about it in the future. But, I can guarantee, I will never go against you.” Lin Chujiu once again pledge her loyalty, just to make Xiao Tianyao’s heart soft. 

“Benwang will wait for the day you are talking about.” Xiao Tianyao finally loosened his heart. He then turned to face Housekeeper Cao: “Tell Imperial Guard Hu to wait in the hall, benwang will accompany Wangfei in the palace.”

“Yes.” Although Housekeeper Cao was confused with the scene just played before him, he still went out to follow Xiao Tianyao’s order.

“Now, are you satisfied?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu with dissatisfaction.

Her clothes were in a mess, her hair was untidy. But, she dared to go out of the room looking like that? Lin Chujiu has no sense of a proper lady.

“Thank you, Wangye.” Lin Chujiu didn’t notice Xiao Tianyao’s wolf-like eyes. She generously said: “I’ll change clothes. I’ll bother you to wait for me for a moment.”

“Hmph…” Xiao Tianyao snorted, then he lifted his foot to get out. He didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t mind, she returned to her room, changed her clothes and combed her hair. Then, she took out her medicine box that was properly packed.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to rush outside carrying her medicine box. If she came out prepared, she will only incite suspicion.

However, Lin Chujiu’s medicine box was twice as big than before. The inside was full of different kinds of medical stuff. Lin Chujiu carried it outside her room, but she felt exhausted at once.

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