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The Emperor didn’t let go of Mo Yuer, he continued to ask: “Are you going to save the Third Prince or not?”

“No!” Mo Yuer replied with a firm tone.

If not for Imperial Doctor Qin’s words, the Emperor will not believe she has medical skills. So, the Emperor could only threaten her: “If Third Prince Zian died, zhen will bury your father with him.”

The Emperor was not joking, but Mo Yuer still didn’t say anything to agree.

Imperial Doctor Qin and Imperial Concubine Zhou were secretly worried. Both of them didn’t expect Mo Yuer was this arrogant. She didn’t even care about her father’s death.

Under such heavy circumstance, Imperial Doctor Qin couldn’t refute. But, Imperial Concubine Zhou unscrupulously slammed herself to Mo Yuer and grabbed her hand: ” Yuer, this sister, this sister begged you. Zian is the emperor’s son, can you soften your heart and save him? Okay? This sister will repay you even afterlife.”

“I can’t save him.” Mo Yuer still refused. Imperial Concubine Zhou didn’t care, she continued to beg and cried.

The Emperor couldn’t tell if Mo Yuer was telling the truth or not. But seeing Imperial Doctor Qin’s shocking expression. The Emperor couldn’t help but frown.

Compared with Divine Doctor Mo, the Emperor naturally believed Imperial Doctor Qin’s words more. It’s just, Mo Yuer’s words seem not fake.

It seems like he needed to take another shot!

The Emperor's eyes changed and he shouted: "Yuer, zhen will ask you once again, are you going to save Third Prince Zian or not?”

Mo Yuer's answer didn’t changed: “Can’t save him.”

“You can’t save the Third Prince, then what is the use of you. Come, drag her out, and cut off her head!” The Emperor’s temper suddenly changed. As if all his love earlier was only an act. Everyone was so shocked by this sudden change. Even Imperial Concubine Zhou knelt on the floor in fright.

However, Mo Yuer didn’t panic at all. Because she was convinced that the Emperor will not kill her.

A woman who is not afraid of death and beautiful was definitely a big threat in the harem.

At this moment, Imperial Concubine Zhou marked Mo Yuer as her number one enemy.

The palace guards came in and dragged Mo Yuer away. Mo Yuer didn’t struggle. But, when the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou thought that she was really not afraid of death, Mo Yuer suddenly open her mouth: “Huangshang, although I cant save the Third Prince, I know one person who can save him.”

“Who is it?” The Emperor was not afraid to lose a woman in his harem. Especially, such a woman who was not afraid of death.

But seeing Mo Yuer’s serious face, the Emperor could only secretly sighed.

“It’s Xiao Wangfei, Lin Chujiu.” Mo Yuer squeezed out Lin Chujiu’s name to her teeth. She hated Lin Chujiu from grabbing her position. If it wasn’t for her, she will not fell into this situation.

If Lin Chujiu didn’t exist, she was now Xiao Wangye’s woman. She doesn’t need to stay in this disgusting place. Lying in bed next to a disgusting man.

Mo Yuer hated Lin Chujiu up to the bones. But, she didn’t show it in her eyes and face. As if she was only an outsider.

“Lin Chujiu?” After hearing Lin Chujiu’s name to the father and daughter’s mouth. The Emperor’s mood became bad.

“Lin Chujiu? She, she can cure Zian?” Although Imperial Concubine Zhou hated Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer, this time, all she wanted was for her son to be cured.

So no matter what these two people suggest, she will try it.

“Yes.” Mo Yuer replied without hesitation: “Her medical skills are good. Her skills are no worse than my father.” Mo Yuer admitted that she was a fox, but what about it?

As long as the Emperor believed her words, and summoned Lin Chujiu to enter the palace. And Lin Chujiu failed to cure Xiao Zian, Lin Chujiu’s life will be miserable!

Lin Chujiu was really miserable. Because of Xiao Tianyao’s obstruction, she couldn’t enter the palace. When Third Prince Xiao Zian vomited blood, she was punished by the medical system once again.

After the punishment was over, the ruthless, cold, unreasonable medical system remind her again that Xiao Zian’s life was in danger. She must treat him as soon as possible!

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