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“I know.” Whenever the topic was returning to the capital, Lin Chujiu was feeling sad: “I’ll go in two days. You go back first.”

In the past few days, Lin Chuji taught Doctor Wu and his apprentices a lot. Xiao Tianyao occasionally listened to a few words they exchanged. And so, he also learned what the suturing was all about.

So hearing her words now, Xiao Tianyao knows that Lin Chujiu was not deliberately delaying their departure. Xiao Tianyao was in a good mood, so he said: “Benwang will wait for you for two days more. After that, we will return to the capital.”

“I know.” Lin Chujiu was very obedient. But, her heart was actually full of hate.

She really couldn’t understand why Xiao Tianyao keeps insisting on taking her back to the capital.

Could it be, prove that they have a good relationship?

What a bullshit!

Two days were not long, but rather very short. However, Lin Chujiu was planning to return in Zhuangzi soon, so she’s not planning to take back her things back in Xiao Wangfu. And these two days, was rather enough to settle some of her business.

In fact, Lin Chujiu didn’t do anything much. She only said a few more words to Mo Qingfeng, on how to take care of his eldest sister. And she also told him that the people in Zhuangzi will help them with their needs.

In addition to that, Lin Chujiu visited several patients who she had treated before. She visited them to give the rest of the medicines that they need. After that, she returned to the house and summoned the Chief of Zhuangzi.

There were several more patients that needed a follow-up check-up. So, Lin Chujiu endorsed them to Doctor Wu. Doctor Wu will stay in Zhuangzi, so he had no other opinion.

Xiao Tianyao saw that most of Lin Chujiu’s time was spent only on those patients. So, he couldn’t help but get irritated a bit.

Lin Chujiu has no time for him!

On their last night, Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu being idle and not packing her things. With this, he couldn’t help but wonder if she has the intention to go back with him or planning to escape in the middle of the night.

Xiao Tianyao deliberately ordered his guardsmen to monitor Lin Chujiu. But nothing happened the whole night. The next day morning, Lin Chujiu woke up early but doing nothing. Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know if Lin Chujiu has no plan to return with him, or he was only being impatient.

During their departure time, Xiao Tianyao saw Chunxi and Quixi holding two bags in their hands. So, he couldn’t help but frown: When she left, she took several big carriages, but now she only takes back two bags? 

“Wangfei, do you want me to get a carriage to put your things?” The servant stepped forward and asked Xiao Tianyao’s question in mind.

Lin Chujiu shook her head. “No need, I didn’t bring many things with me.” Is Xiao Wangfu lacking in things?

The servant was stunned, but then he nodded his head and said: “This servant understand. Wangfei, please get into the carriage.”

Didn’t bring many things?

Before Xiao Tianyao got on the carriage, he looked at Lin Chujiu and saw her look very natural.

When this woman left, she couldn’t wait to take away all her things. But now, she didn’t bring much? Isn’t it the same as not wanting to go back? Does it mean she’s not ready to return?

Xiao Tianyao wink at the servant behind him. The servant understood his meaning, and immediately packed all Lin Chujiu’s things in Zhuangzi and quietly take them back in the capital.

Lin Chujiu was completely ignorant of what’s happening outside. She knew Xiao Tianyao will also ride the same carriage, so she moved to the side and sleep. So, when Xiao Tianyao came up, he saw… …

Well, who knows if Lin Chujiu was sleeping, or pretending to be sleeping.

The road back to the capital was long and bumpy. But, Lin Chujiu was able to lie down all the way back to the capital. She didn’t lift up her head, nor say something to Xiao Tianyao.

This woman is really not cute!

He will let this woman understand, that she can act like this for a while, but not in a lifetime!

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