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Mo Family’s consent was within Xiao Tianyao’s expectation, so when he received the actual reply. Xiao Tianyao immediately wrote a letter to Su Cha and Liu Bai for them to arrange people, that will go to Mo Family to pick up the grains. But, of course, they will pay them silvers.

“Tianyao is really powerful ah, he convinced Mo Family this fast.” When Su Cha received Xiao Tianyao’s news, he was so happy that he almost jumped up with joy.

Liu Bai’s face also showed a sign of relief: “Now that we have Mo Family’s support in grains. No matter what trick the emperor play this time. We won’t get worried.”

“The armors and foods now have been solved. But, we are still short on weapons.”  After Su Cha felt happy, he becomes worried again.

Liu Bai sighed and said: “The weapons can wait, but the front line soldiers cannot. I don’t know if Doctor Wu’s apprentices successfully learned the appropriate skills. I hope once they arrive, they can save a few more of our people.”

After Lin Chujiu gave the prescription to Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao immediately arranged for people that will prepare the needed herbs and ingredients. And he let Lin Chujiu teach Doctor Wu and his apprentices as early as possible.

The traumatic treatment was not a difficult task. Doctor Wu’s apprentices has basic medical knowledge. So, she decided to teach them every morning for two days. And to master the skills, she let them practice from the rest of the day.

In order for his apprentices to have practical experience, Doctor Wu let them go to the village and offer medical assistance. However, unless the villagers go hunting in the deep forest, no one gets injured.

Fortunately, Doctor Wu encountered a serious case. The villager was bitten by a tiger and was injured in his leg. However, just like a baby, Doctor Wu and his apprentices watched him close. The injured villager was scared, and if by chance he had already paid their doctor’s fee, he must have run away in fright.

Although Doctor Wu and his apprentices acted like a bit crazy, the effect of their medical treatment was gratifying. The healing speed and appearance of the suture reached a professional level. Lin Chujiu has no other things to teach them, so she told them they can now go.

With these words, Xiao Tianyao sent them to the front line. And along with them, there was also a carriage that has traumatic medicines, disinfectant, bandages, and sutures. The supplies were small, but at least, it could improve the soldier’s situation for a while.

Doctor Wu didn’t go with them. He stayed to help with the production of traumatic medicine. Producing medicine has never been an easy task. It needs someone with refined skills and perfect understanding.

Not to mention, in order to find the catgut, Xiao Tianyao sent people to the prairie. So, who knows how many sheep had suffered in this scourge.

Xiao Tianyao’s actions this time were not big. But because the emperor keeps monitoring him. He learned Xiao Tianyao had sent people to the front line and Northern Territory, so he had mixed feelings.

“That bastard! Who gave him the right to send people to the front line?” The Emperor got angry as soon as he saw the report on the table: “Don’t let those people and things he sent appeared in the front line!”

“This subordinates will obey!” The secret spy answered without any hesitation.

Whether a lot of innocent people die because of this, it has nothing to do with him. He only needs to execute the Emperor’s order… …

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