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“Well, everything is now clear. Isn’t Wangye going to discuss Doctor Wu’s business? Speak about it.” Lin Chujiu walked away from Xiao Tianyao’s embrace and sat on the bedside. She was now sitting opposite to Xiao Tianyao’s wheelchair.

After clearing and crying about Zhou Si’s case, Lin Chujiu wanted to finish discussing this issue because she was really not accustomed to Xiao Tianyao’s presence. She was unhappy whenever he was near.

"You are rather cute when you act like crazy.” Xiao Tianyao dropped the towel on the floor and turned to sit in his wheelchair.

If Lin Chujiu continued complaining about unfair treatment. And put all her misfortunes on other’s head, she is not worthy to be his Wangfei. 

His Wangfei shouldn’t be standing behind him and waiting to be protected. But rather fighting alongside with him.

Lin Chujiu didn’t speak, she just waited for Xiao Tianyao to make his request.

Xiao Tianyao did drag anymore the issue. He frankly said: “The matter was already mentioned to you by Doctor Wu. What are your requirements? Benwang will try to satisfy you.”

Hearing Xiao Tianyao’s business tone, Lin Chujiu didn’t feel angry. She prepared this ruthless side of him, compared to his false affection.

“I can provide prescriptions. But, providing 50,000 medicines for the soldiers is something I cannot do.” Disinfectants, traumatic drugs, and sutures line can be refined. But the suture needles and scalpels were very difficult.

So, this was the only thing Lin Chujiu can provide as assistance. As for the others, Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to worry about it.

"Good." Xiao Tianyao didn’t really think Lin Chujiu could provide all those medicines in the first place.

Lin Chujiu has been staying in the backyard of Xiao Wangfu. If she said she can provide those 50,000 medicines, he would really be surprised.

Although, Lin Chujiu herself was strange.

Taking things out in the middle of nowhere.

Xiao Tianyao believes that he will one day learned all of her secrets.

After that, Lin Chujiu put forward her own requirements: “In exchange, I hope you will let me enter and leave Xiao Wangfu anytime, and won’t interfere in my affairs.”

Xiao Wangfu's backyard was her cage. If this continues, she will lose her ability to survive. She will slowly turn into a flower that can’t live without Xiao Tianyao’s lawn yard.

“Okay.” After seeing Lin Chujiu’s abilities, again and again, Xiao Tianyao didn’t intend to shut her to the backyard for the rest of her life. A woman who only stayed in the backyard was not worthy of him.

However, Xiao Tianyao still give her a warning: “Remember, you should never think about betraying benwang. Benwang can give you freedom today, but can take it back tomorrow, including your life.”

"I know my position. I will not do anything that will harm Xiao Wangfu.” The fight between Xiao Tianyao and the emperor has reached the point of no returned. She has cured his legs, so she can only ride his boat in this life. If Xiao Tianyao fell, nothing good will happen to her.

"Very good." Xiao Tianyao nodded his head in satisfaction: “Tomorrow, benwang will send someone to take the prescriptions.” After saying those words, Xiao Tianyao turned his wheelchair to go outside and leave Lin Chujiu alone in her room.

He is going?

Lin Chujiu’s eyes widen in disbelief. She really didn’t believe in it, until Xiao Tianyao went out and closed the door.

"Great!" Lin Chujiu fell to her bed and relaxed her whole body.

Even if things returned to the original case, it’s still better than acting against his will.

“You hated benwang so much because of Zhou Si’s case?” Hearing Lin Chujiu’s words earlier, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile.

He really didn’t think he did something wrong with Zhou Si’s case. If that situation will come again, he will do the same thing.

As long as he can kill one thousand enemies, he does not mind losing 800 people!

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