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Doctor Wu didn’t know that Lin Chujiu had already guessed Xiao Tianyao's plan. So in order to persuade her, Doctor Wu cracked his brain to describe the tragic life of front-line soldiers.

“Wangfei, you don’t know how those 300,000 soldiers were living bitterly in the hands of the emperor. Eminent Xu was fair and won’t deliberately sacrifice them all, but the people above those soldiers treat them bad and unfair. They only have given them the worst armors and weapons.”

In order to make Lin Chujiu understand the situation of the 300, 000 soldiers in the war, Doctor Wu explained the situation with further details: “Those soldiers have a sword in their hands, but the blade can’t even penetrate through their enemies armor. It can’t cut. The spears in their hand also easily get breaks. How will those soldiers successfully kill their enemies on the battlefield?”

“The armor they wore was the old armors from the previous years of war. The armor that Wangye had specially created for them was taken by the emperor and was given to his own soldiers. The emperor let them wear the old and tattered armors. Fortunately, it’s not winter. Otherwise, who knows how many of them will die from colds.”

When Doctor Wu said those words, his eyes become red: “Wangfei, I admit I came to you because Wangye has ordered it. But, I followed because I also want to do something for them. I didn’t go in and out in the barracks like them. But, most of those soldiers called me, grandfather. Many of them were only 16 and 17 years old. I treated them like my own grandchildren from the bottom of my heart. So, I will not be sad if they died fighting on the battlefield protecting our country. I will feel proud of them. However, if they died only because of lack of proper armors, weaponry, and medicines, I really cannot accept it.”

Doctor Wu didn’t hesitate to show his sadness and despair. He also didn’t care about losing his face in front of his apprentices and just sat on the floor: “Wangfei, you don’t know how cruel the emperor is. People say our emperor was not hungry in power, but actually, he was very hungry. There was a total of 500, 000 soldiers on the battlefield. But only his 200, 000 soldiers eat well every day. Only his soldiers have the latest armors and sharpest weapon. But, they only stay on the rear side, waiting to get the glory.”

“On the other hand, Wangye’s 300,000 soldiers have tattered armors and useless weapons. They also don’t have enough foods. They only eat three bowls of porridge every day. With such a harsh condition, how could they even wield the weapon in their hands?“

“Once the battle was over, the emperor’s 200, 000 soldiers only has small injuries. But the doctors treated them well and give them wound dressings. The herbs were also constantly used by them, even though nobody even experiences a broken leg. While Wangye’s soldiers, they cannot get any medicine. As if it means, if they survive, they were lucky. But if they died, they deserve it.”

“Wangfei, you don’t know this, but the pile of corpses buried in the pit of the barracks. They were Wangye’s soldiers that didn’t get a timely treatment. They didn’t get any medicine, so they died. They shouldn’t have died… …”

When Doctor Wu said those words, he began crying. The several apprentices on the side also began sobbing… …

Lin Chujiu admits that her heart become soft because of Doctor Wu’s words, but… …

A batch of medicine to treat those 50,000 injured soldiers?

“This thing, let me think about it.” It’s not that Lin Chujiu doesn’t want Doctor Wu to accomplished his task, but she was scared of her own situation. So after saying those words, she left in a hurry.

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