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"Yes, yes, yes." Doctor Wu, who was not feeling happy to see Lin Chujiu like this, immediately stated the most important request he had: “I was hoping Wangfei could prepare us a batch of traumatic drugs for the soldiers in the front line.”

“How many is ‘a batch’?” That figure is a general number. Is Doctor Wu trying to push her into a pit?

"At least 50,000 pieces for the wounded soldiers.” As soon as Doctor Wu stated the figure, he immediately lowered his head.

“What? You want me to prepare 50,000 traumatic medicines? Are you joking?” Lin Chujiu chuckle twice, but she really couldn’t laugh.

She was really stupid if she couldn’t guess who ordered Doctor Wu to do this.

This was clearly Xiao Tianyao’s business. But, he didn’t come forward to talk to her. Instead, he ordered Doctor Wu to seek her help. This action was simply… … shameless and despicable.

Doctor Wu also knew that this request was really unreasonable, but… …

This was their Wangye’s order, what else can he do?

“I, I mean, we can also help you prepare them. Really,” Doctor Wu said and swear: “The more manpower we have, the earlier we can deal with it. Wangfei, no matter what you want us to do, we will do it.”

“You will help me?” Lin Chujiu specifically bitten the words “help me”.

Haven’t Doctor Wu realized who exactly helping whom?

Doctor Wu didn’t understand Lin Chujiu’s meaning, he honestly nodded his head: “Wangfei, rest assured. We will really help you.”

“Help me? Shameless.” Lin Chujiu no longer want to speak to Doctor Wu. She sat back on her chair and said: “Your Wangye ordered you to do this, right? Tell him to come and ask me instead.”

Xiao Tianyao wanted her to work, but he refused to bow down his noble head and seek her help personally.

"Wangfei, Wangye asked me to do this. If I failed, he said I can never go back to work.” Doctor Wu busily poured a cup of water and handed them to Lin Chujiu: “Wangfei, you drink some water first to eliminate your anger. I know you don’t want to deal with this matter because of Wangye. But, can’t you just look at me and the 300,000 soldiers?”

“How did this thing become my concerned?” Lin Chujiu said without looking Doctor Wu’s face.

Xiao Tianyao did not show up himself. Obviously, this matter was not so serious.

“This matter really has nothing to do with Wangfei. I really don’t want to make this request. But aside from Wangfei, I can’t find someone else to help.” Doctor Wu saw Lin Chujiu didn’t show any signs of pity. So, he shamelessly acted poorly: “Wangfei, you don’t know how bitterly those 300,000 soldiers were living under the emperor’s command. The emperor promised to treat them well when he took Wangye’s power, but he sent them all to the Northern war. They are always in the front battle. Isn’t this action simply seeking their death?”

"These soldiers responsibility was to protect and defend our country. Obeying the military orders were the only thing they can do. I heard the great general leading them was Eminent Xu. I know he didn’t deliberately use our soldiers in the front battle. He must have his own reason. But they are always the soldiers that must go to the front.”

Lin Chujiu knew some things about this front line battle. But of course, those were only things that Xiao Tianyao allowed her to learn.

Lin Chujiu knew that front-line soldiers always suffered heavy casualties. She knew the cold war of ancient era was like this. But it seems, it was only like this because there were bigger problems inside. Xiao Tianyao let her know this number of casualties because there was something needs to be done… …

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