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Miss Mo had already passed the dangerous phase. Lin Chujiu no longer need to monitor her the whole night. After injecting her the medicine, she changed her medicine via oral intake. Lin Chujiu went out the room, but before going, she reminded Mo Qingfeng to call her if something happens. 

Mo Qingfeng wanted Lin Chujiu to stay near to his eldest sister, but he also knew that it was an unrealistic idea. Not to mention, Lin Chujiu was a wangfei. Even ordinary doctors don’t keep guarding their patients. Last night event was really an exception and rare.

Lin Chujiu had slept the whole day, so at this moment, she was full of energy. She was looking around to pass the time and avoid meeting Xiao Tianyao. However, the next moment, she heard someone reported: “Wangfei, Doctor Wu came and wanted to see you.”

“Doctor Wu? Why did he come to see me?” At this time, Lin Chujiu really couldn’t figure out why Doctor Wu suddenly came to see her.

“Greetings to Xiao Wangfei” More than a dozen of people came forward and greet Lin Chujiu as she showed up herself.

Doctor Wu was not the only person who came, but also some of his apprentice. So, when Lin Chujiu arrived in the flower hall, she was scared with the sudden greetings. Fortunately, she remembered her identity and raised her hand for them to end the ceremony.

“Thank you, Xiao Wangfei.” After the apprentices performed their ceremonies, they retreated to the side and didn’t speak. Doctor Wu seriously came forward and greeted Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu who can hardly see Doctor Wu so courteous, didn’t beat around the bush. After sitting down, she said: ‘Doctor Wu, why did you come to see me?”

If a person was so courteous, they must be seeking help.

After hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, Doctor Wu also didn’t beat around the bush and said his intention: “Wangfei, I came in here for something.”

Sure you do… …

Lin Chujiu smiled and calmly asked: “What happened? Tell me.”

Without any warning, Doctor Wu knelt down: “Wangfei… …”

Lin Chujiu was shocked and immediately rushed forward: “Doctor Wu, what are you doing? Get up.” How difficult the situation is for him to do this?

However, Doctor Wu refused to stand up and insisted on kneeling on the floor. Lin Chujiu haven’t eaten, so she could not pull him up.

"Wangfei… …" Doctor Wu had open his mouth, but he was interrupted by Lin Chujiu: "Don’t say anything. If you won’t get up, I will not promise to help you. Do you think kneeling down in front of me will make it difficult for me to refuse?”

Doctor Wu shook his head and said with a solemn voice: "Wangfei, rest assured. I dare not to do this to make things difficult for you. What I’m kneeling down for was to ask Wangfei to give those people a chance to continue to live.”

Doctor Wu’s solemn and serious words were very rare to come by, so Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but get puzzled.

“What do you want me to do? Just say it directly.” Making such a statement only made Lin Chujiu confused.

“I was hoping for Wangfei to train these people to deal with knife or swords injuries in the quickest possible time.” Doctor Wu said with a red face.

Asking other people to teach your own apprentices were truly… … embarrassing.

“That’s all?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t believe it. Doctor Wu can teach his apprentices those skills. His medical skills in traumatic cases were now more and more skillful. What more, teaching only several apprentices?

"And… …" Doctor Wu was really embarrassed to speak. He was secretly feeling guilty about their Wangye’s deceitful request. He only pushed this thing to him.

“What else? No need to hesitate, just say them all.” Why speak of them one by one, when you’re negotiating?

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