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You are that unwilling to share a room with benwang?

Of course, she is!

But if she admits it, Xiao Tianyao will strangle her, right?

So to be on the safe side, Lin Chujiu shook her head and said: “It’s not like that, my sleeping habit is bad, I’m afraid it will affect Wangye’s sleep.”


Xiao Tianyao coldly snorted, but his tone eased a bit: “If your sleeping habit is bad, benwang must say that the whole world’s sleeping habit is worst.” Lin Chujiu sleep like a piece of wood, she never turned around or moved in her sleep.

Lin Chujiu replied calmly as if her lies were not exposed: “If I sleep with Wangye in the same bed, I will feel distressed, I won’t be able to sleep well. So it’s better for us to sleep separately.”

"We are husband and wife." Xiao Tianyao’s tone increased a bit, as he emphasized their relationship.

Lin Chujiu almost laughed, they are husband and wife? Do they really have that kind of relationship under the sun?

Lin Chujiu secretly thought. She didn’t say out loud her ridicules.

“Wangye, there are a lot of couples that don’t sleep together in this world.” If the husband always sleep with his wife, then what about those concubines in the backyard?

“So? You learned it from them?” Xiao Tianyao’s tone suddenly becomes soft, but Lin Chujiu felt cold instead. Lin Chujiu always felt that his words were full of traps. So, she didn’t dare to open her mouth and just looked at him.

“What? You don’t want to answer benwang’s question?” Xiao Tianyao asked. Lin Chujiu shook her head but still didn’t give him an answer. Instead, she asked: “Wangye, how long will you live here?”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t care about Lin Chujiu avoiding his question. He simply replied with: “Until your wounds get better.” Meaning, he would go back to the capital once Lin Chujiu came back.

"Oh… …" It seems like she must return to the capital with Xiao Tianyao as soon as possible. Otherwise, Xiao Tianyao will stare at her in Zhuangzi the whole day.

“How are we going to sleep tonight? Have you decided?” Xiao Tianyao emphasized the word ‘tonight’ because he knew… …

“Wangye, you could sleep first. I will take care of the patient.”

“I knew you will say that, go ahead.” Xiao Tianyao has long been expecting Lin Chujiu’s words, so he didn’t feel disappointed.

With no one stopping her, Lin Chujiu left the dining room first. But she knew, that if she won’t think of a way, she won’t be able to escape tomorrow.

How annoying!

She fought and fought again, but always failed. So what exactly she had to do?

Even if she wanted to leave far away from Xiao Tianyao, with his performance today, Lin Chujiu couldn’t think of a place where she could run off to. Xiao Tianyao will definitely send someone to look for her. So, she can’t guarantee that she won’t be caught.

“Now, even running away is not an option.” Lin Chujiu look around her surroundings. Although she didn’t see anyone, she can’t be sure Xiao Tianyao didn’t send someone to monitor her, so that she can’t run away again.

After slowly strolling outside the maternity room, Lin Chujiu knocked on the door before entering.

Inside the room, the lady’s face was pale, and she was still lying silently on the bed. Mo Qingfeng was sitting beside the bed with a sluggish looking face. He nodded his head when he saw Lin Chujiu came.

Only an hour had passed. What happened to him?

Lin Chujiu raise an eyebrow, but she was not interested in their private affairs, so she only said: “I’m here to look after your sister. You can go first to have a meal or have some rest. You can come back later.” Lin Chujiu took the clean gown behind the door and put them on while talking to Mo Qingfeng.

“I’m not hungry, I want to stay with her.” Mo Qingfeng stayed motionless, but his eyes were red as if he cried.

Mo Qingfeng looked at Lin Chujiu’s calm face. He doesn’t know why, but he felt like talking to her, and so he did.

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