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Xiao Tianyao knew that Lin Chujiu was very attentive when saving a patient. And she hates being bothered. So this time, he didn’t disturb her. He sat quietly behind the crowd and watched Lin Chujiu went back and forth to the maternity room… …

A serious face of a woman is the most beautiful of all. Undoubtedly, at the moment, Lin Chujiu is the most beautiful woman in Xiao Tianyao’s eyes.

Lin Chujiu came out from the maternity room from time to time. So seeing the blood bag was full this time, Lin Chujiu changed it to an empty one. Lin Chujiu took the blood bag and turned around, but she saw Xiao Tianyao behind the crowd!

Lin Chujiu stops from walking and remembered that Xiao Tianyao chased after her and went back again. At this time, Lin Chujiu not only felt uncomfortable but also uneasy. Lin Chujiu didn’t retaliate or showed her displeasure. However, she couldn’t help to raise an eyebrow and said: “Wangye.”

Her voice was not loud, but she believes that Xiao  Tianyao heard her.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t speak, he only stretched out his finger and pointed it towards Lin Chujiu: Your dead!

He will write down this debt to her account, and he will slowly make her pay.

Lin Chujiu didn’t feel threatened. She lifted her head high and look at him provocatively. Then, rushed back to the maternity room with the blood bag.

Inside, Lin Chujiu didn’t stay idle. She immediately gave the blood to the pregnant woman. And at the same time, she changed the empty bottle of infusion.

Caesarean section is not a major operation. But now that she was alone, Lin Chujiu has no time to think about how angry Xiao Tianyao was or how he will find her afterward.

After checking the condition of the pregnant woman, Lin Chujiu felt a bit relieved. She then went outside to wait for the other blood bag.

The pregnant woman loses too much blood, but she didn’t dare to squeeze too much blood on Mo Qingfeng’s body. After extracting a total of 600 cc of blood, she immediately stops. Lin Chujiu ordered the maidservants to give Mo Qingfeng foods that can nourish his blood.

“Is my sister okay?” 600 cc of blood loss seems nothing to Mo Qingfeng’s body, but his face was pale.

“She’s better than before.” Although she’s still in a bad condition, at least, there were signs of improvement.

“Why I can’t seem to hear her voice? What about the baby?” Mo Qingfeng asked anxiously.

Although he hadn’t witness child delivery, he heard people say that women, who give birth cried a lot in pain.

“She is unconscious now, she has no strength to cry in pain. The child will soon come out. So, don’t worry too much. Just wait here.” Lin Chujiu simply explained. After giving him an answer, Lin Chujiu went back to the room.

Now that she has enough amount of blood, everything was ready. Lin Chujiu put on surgical gloves and cut an incision. Under the pregnant woman’s navel, a long finger size cut was opened… …

Lin Chujiu was not a doctor in obstetrics and gynecology department. But when she worked in the emergency room department, she encountered women giving birth out of an emergency situation. Because of this, Lin Chujiu become knowledgeable about caesarean section.

The condition of the pregnant woman was very bad. The child was only seven months old. So, Lin Chunjiu had prepared early, the needed first aid of the baby. However, when she took out the baby, she found out that baby doesn’t need any first aid. The baby doesn’t even need to use an incubator.

Lin Chujiu cut the umbilical cord and sucked through the baby’s mouth. The next moment, a crying sound of an infant was heard: “Waa, Waa … …”

“The baby, the eldest miss baby was born.” The old woman shouted outside the door and cheered with joy.

“My elder sister gave birth, I am now an uncle!” Mo Qingfeng couldn’t help but laughed and jumped out in joy.

“How about my sister? How is my sister?” Mo Qingfeng yelled outside the door, but he didn’t dare to come in. 

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