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Aside from changing clothes, Lin Chujiu also needs to take medicines and surgical kit from the medical system. The condition of the pregnant woman was bad, she needs an immediate surgery.

After getting dressed, Lin Chujiu accidentally bumped to Chunxi. Chunxi who suddenly saw Lin Chujiu, was so shocked: “Wang, Wangfei your back? It’s great, your back!”

“I’m very busy. If you have something to say, say them to me later.” Lin Chujiu said without turning her head. Chunxi still wanted to say something, but she can no longer see Lin Chujiu’s shadow.

Chunxi helplessly sighed, then she decided to send a report to their Wangye. So that, he will no longer worry.

At this time, Xiao Tianyao just arrived at the crossroad. However, he didn’t hurry to enter the capital. Instead, he let his people go down and carefully look at the direction of the red Malayan horse’s footsteps.

Indeed, the red Malayan horse’s footstep went to the direction of the capital. However, right after this crossroads, the footsteps become deeper than before. As if the rider gain a weight.

In addition to this, a carriage wheels marking, who seems going to the direction of the capital, suddenly turn to the direction of Zhuangzi.

Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen informed Xiao Tianyao about these facts. Xiao Tianyao immediately understood the situation. They got played by Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t return to capital at all. Instead, she rides a carriage and went back to Zhuangzi.

“Stupid woman, you dared to ride a stranger’s carriage? Aren’t you afraid to become a corpse without burial?” Xiao Tianyao was very very angry… … he can’t wait to strangle Lin Chujiu.

"Turn back!” Xiao Tianyao gave a cold order. The guardsmen hurried back to their horse and turned around.

At the same time, Chunxi’s message arrives: Wangfei had returned and brought a pregnant woman.

She actually went back to save a person?

When he read that Lin Chujiu went back to save a person. Xiao Tianyao suddenly felt fear. His worldly wife suddenly encounter a person and saving the world? This must be a joke.

“Stupid woman, you are benwang’s wife,  Didn’t you think that this might be a trap?” Lin Chujiu’s action was not pleasing to his eyes. Instead, he thinks it might cause a problem.

"Immediately turned back.” Another order was given, so the guardsmen didn’t dare to delay their departure. They whip the horse and couldn’t wait to fly back.

But poor An Wei, he used his legs to fly to the capital’s gate. Only to find a wrong person.

When Lin Chujiu entered the maternity ward, the effect of the silver needle was no longer valid. The pregnant woman’s stomach began to ache and her lower body was bleeding.

Mo Qingfeng couldn’t enter the room. The old woman was the only person accompanying the pregnant lady. When she saw Lin Chujiu wearing a strange blue gown, she was so scared to speak. But, she still looked at her with pleading eyes.

Lin Chujiu took out a syringe and injected the pregnant woman with anesthesia. At the same time, he looked at the old woman and said: “Why are you still here? Get out.”

“This old slave wants to hold the eldest miss’s hand.” The old lady insisted, so Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but look at her coldly and say: “Get out, don’t let me say it for the third time.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The old woman was so scared, she immediately went to the door to get out.

Lin Chujiu took out a curtain from the medical system. Then, she hanged them to block the front side of the bed, so that no person that will enter could see what she’s doing.

“Someone come, bring the hot water inside.” The maidservants carried the boiling water inside and then went out. None of them saw what Lin Chujiu was doing.

There was no sound inside the room. The people outside couldn’t hear a single cry of the pregnant woman. So, Mo Qingfeng becomes more anxious.

But in the midst of his panic, Xiao Tianyao returned!

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