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A man who looks like a housekeeper dismount in a rush and walks toward Lin Chujiu, then he respectfully said: “Young Miss, are you a doctor?”

“Mmm,” Lin Chujiu said, as she shook her medicine box. “You can rest assured, I don’t have any martial art skills, and I don’t have any other intention. I just wanted to look how bad the patient’s condition is.”

In order to prove that she was not malicious, Lin Chujiu raised her hands and motioned for the other person to check her.

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s unusual generosity and appearance. The housekeeper couldn’t help but doubt her more, so he added to say: “Young Miss, we are from the Mo Family of Northern Territory. Do you know this?”

When Lin Chujiu heard it, she only responds with: “Oh, I am from Lin Family in the capital.”

As soon as the housekeeper saw her reaction, he learned that Lin Chujiu has no clue about their family in Northern Territory. So, he couldn’t help but believe her. Their group has a couple of big men, so he also believes that Lin Chujiu couldn’t do anything bad to them, He said: “You Miss, please come with me.” 

“Mmm” Lin Chujiu agreed with an indifferent face, but deep inside, she couldn’t help but think: Why is it like this? Is it because she was only a small fry doctor? Obviously, she came here to save a life. But, why she feels like she is begging to treat the patient? 

As soon as the guards saw Lin Chujiu was approaching, they stayed alert. And even though they can see Lin Chujiu has no martial art skills, they didn’t relax a bit. Seeing their vicious eyes, Lin Chujiu still didn’t think that these group of people came from a very powerful family.

She is really lucky today.

In order to save her own precious life, Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to look at the people around her. She only walked near the carriage. But, as soon as she gets near, she smelled a heavy smell of blood. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but frown her eyebrows: “Why is there a heavy smell of blood? Is the patient seriously injured?”

“It’s not a serious injury, it’s… …”

Inside the carriage, a low sultry groan sounded. Listening to this, Lin Chujiu said: “The patient is pregnant?”

As she made a guest, the man riding a horse, beside the carriage look at her more. The middle-aged housekeeper’s eyes widen and nodded: “Yes, it is a pregnant woman. Our pregnant Eldest Miss run away with us. We didn’t know anything about child delivery. We couldn’t find a doctor along the way, so we decided to bring her to the capital.”

"This place is still far away from the capital. Your Eldest Miss may not be able to hold it until you reach the capital. The situation is urgent. Let me take a look at her.” Lin Chujiu didn’t bother to think about the other people’s thought. She directly picked up her skirt and then climbed the carriage. Her actions were rough and extraordinary. Her decent dress and manners are completely opposite.

What is this girl?

There is only one question in everyone’s heart. But no one asked at the moment, because Lin Chujiu had already climbed the carriage.

Inside, the smell of blood is thicker, a pale and weak looking woman was lying in the middle. Her stomach is not that large, but the mattress was already soaked in blood.

Beside her, an old woman was kneeling and keep wiping her sweat. The old woman saw Lin Chujiu and said: “Are you the doctor? Doctor, I beg you, please help our eldest miss.” 

“Doctor, please, save my child.” The woman caught Lin Chujiu’s clothes and pleaded hard.

“Okay.” Lin Chujiu had a long patience, but at this time of emergency, she has no time to comfort anyone.

After checking the patient’s pupil, heart rate, and other vital signs. Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but frown. Then, she touches the patient’s stomach. After hearing the medical system’s diagnosis, Lin Chujiu felt bad… …

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