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Inside the capital, aside from Xiao Wangfu, where else could she go?

If she stayed outside, can she guarantee that Xiao Tianyao will not find her?

With Xiao Tianyao’s performance today, Lin Chujiu can bet her head that Xiao Tianyao will not let her run away. He will definitely send her back to his side. And then, he will become more unreasonable.

“How annoying.” Running away won’t solve her problem. It will only add more.

Lin Chujiu stand at the crossroad with some difficulties… …

But the next moment, the medical system suddenly issued an alarm: Patient, Patient, A patient need an emergency treatment!

“Patient? Where is the patient?” Lin Chujiu look at her surroundings in response. She looks to her left and right side, but she didn’t see any patient.

“System, don’t play with me ah.” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but complain. Unfortunately, the medical system was only semi-artificial intelligence. It has no brain of its own. Only it’s siren continued to sound as an answer.

“You win.” Lin Chujiu didn’t know where to go, but only finding that patient could calm the medical system. Lin Chujiu dismount the horse and decided to look for the location of the patient.

Lin Chujiu’s skill in riding a horse is really good. Because aside from the original owner’s foundation, she had worked on a horse farm before. After following the jockey in their studies for a certain period of time. She herself had trained and reach the trainer’s level. Therefore, even though the horse was strong, she could control it.

“Be good, and wait for me here.” Lin Chujiu said and patted the horse’s head. Then, she left.

At this point in time, on the left side of the official road, horse footsteps sounded *Clack, clack, clack*. As the horse footsteps getting louder and louder. The medical system’s signal become stronger and stronger. Lin Chujiu got certain that the patient was among the crowd.

The crowd was a small group of people. A dozen of people among them was holding a long knife and protecting the carriage in the middle. Lin Chujiu stood in the middle of the road and rushed forward. The man who was riding a horse and leading the team, busily shouted: “We have a patient inside. Please hurry and get to the side of the road.”

Sure enough, the patient was inside.

Lin Chujiu looked at the man and shouted back: “I am a doctor. Is the patient in a critical condition? Let me see it, you can trust me.”

Who knows when exactly Lin Chujiu took out a medicine box, but at this moment, she really looks like a doctor.

The horse was still galloping in the middle of the road, so Lin Chujiu move to the side. Additionally, she couldn’t guarantee if the man heard her or believe her words and would stop.

The medical system wanted her to save that patient, so she opens her mouth and spoke. But, if they refuse, she couldn’t do anything about it.

After hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, the man who was riding the horse got surprised. He slowed down his speed and talk to the person behind him: “In the middle of the road, a woman said she was a doctor.”

“What good doctor will stay outside the capital? Let’s hurry and enter the capital. Eldest Miss could no longer wait.”

As a response to this person’s words, the patient inside screamed in pain, the old woman inside also said in a panic: “Eldest Miss wouldn’t make it. There’s still half an hour away from the capital. Can’t you let that doctor diagnose the eldest Miss? It wouldn’t take much of time.”

“In this wilderness, how can we suddenly meet a doctor? What if its a scam?” The man slowed down and said as a warning.

“Third younger brother, I will die soon. But please, save my child, I beg you, save him.” Inside the carriage, a weak voice of a woman sounded.

“Stop.” Beside the carriage, a slightly cold voice sounded, the people immediately stop their movement.

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