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Meng Laofuren had a deep friendship with the first Emperor and first Empress. So, when Meng Laofuren opens her mouth, the current emperor couldn’t disregard her face. On the same day, the emperor sent a decree to reprimand Princess Fu An. Princess Fu An was so angry, she wanted to leave the palace, but she found out… …

The Cui family didn’t come to pick her up. She had no face to return by herself. So, she stayed in the palace and release her anger to Imperial Concubine Zhou. Princess Fu An was fighting with Imperial Concubine Zhou almost every day. After the fight, the two of them visits the emperor and complain.

The emperor was miserable every day. Because of that, he hinted the Cui family to take away Princess Fu An. But, the Cui Family remain unmoved.

Under the deliberate arrangement of the people around her, Princess Fu An becomes close to Mo Yuer. Princess Fu An really like the frosty face of Mo Yuer. She felt like with Mo Yuer’s beauty and temperament, the emperor will undoubtedly fall in love with this beauty. Once she succeeds, the emperor will forgive her.

When Lin Chujiu read this, she couldn’t help but laugh: If it’s not your time to die, you won’t die. But, Princess Fu An ah, you really like walking on the death road.

Things in the capital remain unchanged, but Lin Chujiu was pleasantly living in Zhuangzi. Occasionally, she treats people with injuries or fever. Lin Chujiu was always in a good mood, so the medical system doesn’t need to remind her to treat people. As a result, Lin Chujiu notice that medical system give her higher points when she took the initiative.

This is a good discovery for Lin Chujiu. For the first time, she got on the good side of the medical system. Afterward, she will strive to save people before the medical system sent her a mission.

And because she treats people from time to time, Lin Chujiu become famous in Zhuangzi. In the beginning, the people were still shy and reluctant, but when they notice that Lin Chujiu was an approachable person. Any person who had a headache or fever comes to visit her.

Every time Lin Chujiu diagnose their sickness, she didn’t ask for payment. The farmers feel embarrassed, so from time to time, they sent her fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu was recovering from her injuries and couldn’t eat them all.

Therefore, Lin Chujiu asked her maidservants to pick some good ones and send it to Guo Gongfu in the capital. In addition to her filial piety, Lin Chujiu sent letters that she is living well to Meng Laofuren.

Of course, Lin Chujiu only sent goodies to Guo Gongfu. Lin Family and Xiao Wangfu didn’t receive any. Lin Xiang was unaffected, he never treated Lin Chujiu as his daughter. However, Xiao Tianyao is depressed… …

Every time he heard that Lin Chujiu sent goodies to Meng Laofuren, but he had no share, Xiao Tianyao’s face become black. Although his mouth is not saying anything, how could Su Cha and Liu Bai fail to guess what was he is thinking?

Su Cha and Liu Bai sympathize Xiao Tianyao, but they also feel that Xiao Tianyao deserved it. After treating their Wangfei like that, how could their Wangfei send him something? Xiao Tianyao is being naive, right? 

Su Cha and Liu Bai would like to take this opportunity to laugh and ridicule Xiao Tianyao with two or more sentences. But, after seeing Xiao Tianyao’s murderous eyes and cold atmosphere, they hesitated.

Su Cha and Liu Bai suffered day by day. Xiao Tianyao always transfers his anger to their head. After being severely criticized by Xiao Tianyao for several times, the two men quietly prayed for Lin Chujiuin to send Xiao Tianyao, even a single piece of leaf.

Because they believe that even if it’s a rotten leaf, as long as it came from Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao will be very happy. And when Xiao Tianyao becomes happy, they can temporarily break away from this madness… …

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