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Ever since that day, Demon Lord didn’t come again. Xiao Tianyao didn’t interfere in Lin Chujiu’s life. With that, Lin Chujiu finally recovered from her injuries. And those negative emotions she felt has faded one by one. Her original calm behavior has returned.

Although Lin Chujiu know that there were a lot of events in the capital, she cannot ask the people in Zhuangzi to confirm it. She doesn’t have this kind of influence yet. She is not Xiao Tianyao… …

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what exactly Xiao Tianyao is thinking. But now that they are separated, he sent her some news about the capital through Chunxi and Qiuxi.

News about frontline battles and some movement in the imperial court, Lin Family, Guo Gongfu and inner palace.

This kind of information is not open to her when she was in Xiao Wangfu. So, even if she hates Xiao Tianyao. Lin Chujiu didn’t reject the information. She will stay in Zhuangzi for years, she will be disconnected to those people and things very soon. 

The frontline battles are very eye-catching. With General Xu’s great talent, the east country was able to recapture three east cities consecutively.

When such excellent news came. The tension in the capital eased a lot. The noble officials up to the ordinary citizens have been talking about it. They have been discussing the war with glorious face and high spirit.

At the imperial court, they often discuss trivial matters. There are no other major issues. The only major issue is still about the northern war.

At this point in time, the first battle between Eastern and Northern Country is the main key to the event. After the Eastern Country won, the next battle is no fun to discuss anymore.

But of course, while the eastern and northern country was fighting. The Southern and Western Country didn’t forget to get some benefit from it. They increase their troops near their borders. Fortunately, the Eastern Country has long been prepared for this. So, the two countries didn’t dare to make a move.

The Southern and Western Country didn’t dare to join the war. But, it doesn’t mean that they will push the idea to go fishing from the Eastern Country.

The Southern Country sent their royal princess, saying that the princess wants to come and study in the east.

While the Western Country sent their royal prince, saying that the prince has the intention to marry an imperial princess. As to who is that imperial princess is, it is still unknown.

But of course, these two royal people are still on their way.

These national affairs have nothing to do with Lin Chujiu. So, after reading news about them, she no longer pays attention. She was more concern about the Lin Family, Guo Gongfu, and inner palace.

Lin Xiang stayed on the safe side. His eldest daughter was wronged by the Cui Family, but he stayed silent. Xiao Tianyao uses this issue to make conditions to the Cui Family, but also let the people know that he will not tolerate people that will harm Lin Chujiu. But, what about Lin Xiang? 

His heart only cares about his daughter, Lin Wanting. Lin Wanting had a fight with the Crown Prince for several times. Because Lin Wanting had sought various reasons to visit Xiao Wangfu. 

After learning that her elder sister leaves the Xiao Wangfu. Lin Wanting run to Xiao Wangfu to see Xiao Tianyao. Lin Xiang had noticed her intention in her actions.

In his anger, he locked Lin Wanting in her courtyard. And said that she could only leave once she put away her delusions.

In addition to Lin Wanting’s issue, Lin Xiang had become busy in teaching his only son, Lin Yifeng. So, Lin Xiang had no time to care about Lin Chujiu.

On the contrary, although Xiao Tianyao deliberately blocked the issue to Guo Gongfu. After ten days, Meng Laofuren still had learned about it.

And after learning that only the Cui family had paid the prize for the crime. And Princess Fu An was staying in the palace. Meng Laofuren got furious. Regardless of her family’s persuasion, Meng Laofuren put on an elegant dress and personally went to the palace. Then, she knelt in front of the emperor and cried to seek justice for Lin Chujiu.

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