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The news was first checked by Su Cha. After confirming that there was no big problem, he reported to Xiao Tianyao.

“Wangfei look for two little girls in Zhuangzi to serve her.”

Lin Chujiu was dissatisfied with the people Xiao Tianyao had sent. Xiao Tianyao should learn this.

"Wangfei seemed to have cried last night, her eyes were still swelling this morning.” Su Cha knew that Xiao Tianyao went outside last night. When he returned, he was wounded but has bandaged. So, he doesn’t need to ask where he went to.

“Cry?” Xiao Tianyao lifted an eyebrow, he didn’t show any care to the word ‘cry’.

When Xiao Tianyao only said that word. Su Cha felt pity for Lin Chujiu. So, he no longer mentions things about her. Instead, he mentions other things: “The army has arrived at the border. General Xu hasn’t mobilized our people, but he decided to use them as the front line main force.” In short, when they launched an attack, they will be the cannon fodder.

"The Northern Country had taken five cities. General Xu was under great pressure. I’m sure he will launch a large-scale attack. He will use our people as his main force on the battlefield.” The first battle is very important. If they lose, the army will lose the momentum. General Xu’s career will come to an end.

“Move according to the original plan, help General Xu win three cities.” After making the palace people taste the sweetness of success, how can Xiao Wangfu get into trouble?

And once they think that victory is in their hand, that is the most joyful moment to fight back.

“Got it.” Su Cha has no objection. Although their loss will increase by doing this, it will be favorable to Xiao Tianyao.

With this, although those palace people know that this war is related to Xiao Tianyao. They won’t be able to put this under Xiao Tianyao’s nose and brand him as a traitor. Instead, Xiao Tianyao will be able to push all the blame to the emperor.

Saying that the emperor disregards the overall situation and just seized Xiao Tianyao’s military power. He didn’t send out the appropriate general to lead the troops and save the Eastern Country.

Aside from the military news, Su Cha also reported things about the imperial court and Tiancang Pavillion

There is no major event on the imperial court. Everyone’s eyes are focusing on the battle between the Northern and Eastern countries. Prior to this, the imperial court didn’t cause trouble for the time being. Naturally, no one went against Xiao Tianyao.

Demon Lord has disappeared for a long period of time. But, he once again revealed himself and engaged in a fight. Tiancang Pavilion has started inquiring about Demon Lord. At the same time, they didn’t forget to monitor Xiao Tianyao.

Tiancang Pavilion has sell out Xiao Tianyao, but they also denied information about Xiao Tianyao’s legs. In the end, Tiancang Pavilion didn’t gain anything, they just give themselves a way out.

Compared to the calmness of imperial court and Tiancang Pavilion, the inner palace is much more livelier. Because Princess Fushou Zhang and Princess Fu An were in the palace. The two of them were close to the empress. So, when they saw Imperial Concubine Zhou running rampant in the harem. The two princess took the lead to suppress Imperial Concubine Zhou  in behalf of the empress.

Imperial Concubine Zhou was not willing to reconciled. As the emperor’s favorite woman, she really didn’t put the two princess into her eyes.

Imperial Concubine Zhou and the two princesses continue fighting with each other. On the other side, the Empress fell sick again. The palace become very noisy and everyone seems in danger.

"The palace was very lively, some people just couldn’t restrain themselves. Princess Fu An has fancied Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter. I’m afraid Third Prince Xiao Zian will be unlucky.” Su Cha’s lisp curve into a smile.

The emperor had a headache, so he was very happy!

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