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Demon Lord leaned and crawl little by little to the space that Lin Chujiu occupied, until… …

He completely pressed Lin Chujiu under his body!

A man and a woman were in an intimate posture. However, Lin Chujiu couldn’t see the beauty and charm of the man in front of her. She was only afraid of him.

*Badump, Badump*

Lin Chujiu’s heartbeat was so fast. It’s not because she was excited or nervous, but rather because she was very scared.

Appearance cannot confirm everything. Good looks is an added point. However, staying with a man that has ferocious ghost face in a semi-dark room, a person couldn’t have an evil desire.

"Scared?" Demon Lord’s left hand was motionless, his right hand was originally propping on the bed, but right now, it was on the top of Lin Chujiu’s heart.

There was no force, it was only lying there, but it cannot be ignored.

“Young Master Demon Lord, in the end, what do you want to do? Just say it!” Lin Chujiu who was so scared to death asked.

Demon Lord bowed down his head and attached his lips next to Lin Chujiu’s ear. Then, softly said: “What would you like me to do here?”

As his warm voice fell, it slowly lingers around Lin Chujiu’s neck. Lin Chujiu felt her heart beats much faster and faster. She didn’t know how to answer Demon Lord.

She wants to kill the man in front of her!

However, she can’t let him know. Lin Chujiu took a deep breath, but her voice was still trembling: “I… … I can’t fight with you.”

Lin Chujiu give up, she didn’t struggle or resist. She just closed her eyes and hug him on the bed.

Once Demon Lord really dares to make a move, she will kill him!

Lin Chujiu already made up her mind and prepared her heart, but Demon Lord releases her.

“Stupid girl… …” With a *snap* sound, Demon Lord flips his finger to Lin Chujiu’s forehead: “This lord is only playing with you, but you become so scared. This lord doesn’t know where your courage went to.”

Haa … … Lin Chujiu sighed in relief and collapse on the bed.

When she opens her eyes, she only sees Demon Lord acting like nothing happened. He was only standing under the candlelight and straightening his messy garments.

“Hehe…” Lin Chujiu laughed a bit, but it sounds uglier than crying sound.

This man is always like this. He is always teasing her. And once she succumbed to despair, he will stop, as if everything is just a game.

Game your sister!

If it’s a game for you, it’s not for me!

Did you know that I just chose to die with you!

Lin Chujiu concealed her presence in the darkness. She concealed her dissatisfaction and anger. She buried them from the bottom of her heart.

She was fine. So, she didn’t have to hold onto this ideas.

Lin Chujiu curled herself in the corner. She didn’t look at Demon Lord.

Demon Lord seems also find his teasing was too much. But, he doesn’t know how to apologize. In the end, he didn’t say anything about it. He just quit and said: “This lord is ready to leave.”

Before leaving, Demon Lord didn’t forget to look at Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t look up to him.

With a trace of unspeakable loss, Demon Lord disappears into the darkness.

The night returned to its original quietness. But, some people could no longer sleep. Some people like Lin Chujiu. She only curl up heserlf in the corner of the bed and cried.

The next day, Lin Chujiu went outside, as if nothing happened. The injury to her lips was healed due to the timely treatment. It’s not visible at all, but the redness of her eyes is enough evidence that she cried out all night.

Chunxi and Qiuxi did not dare to ask questions about it. After helping Lin Chujiu to groom herself. Qiuxi stayed with Lin Chujiu.

Chunxi retired and went outside. But, when she retired, she didn’t hurry to teach the two little girls. Instead, she sent a report to Xiao Wangfu. In addition to yesterday’s event, she also said that Lin Chujiu woke up with swelling eyes.

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