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“Does this lord need to study medicine?” Demon Lord handsomely asks while looking at Lin Chujiu. Then, he took out a bandage roll out from the medicine box and wrapped it around Lin Chujiu. During the process of bandaging, Demon Lord couldn’t avoid getting close to Lin Chujiu. Sometimes when he leans on her, he’s somewhat embracing her.

Lin Chujiu was motionless and frightened. Her body was frozen stiff in the same place. She doesn’t know if it’s intentional or unintentional, but Demon Lord’s movement was pretty slow. Their neck has touched for multiple times.

Lin Chujiu wanted to urge him to hurry, but Demon Lord always put his finger to her lips, whenever she was about to open her mouth.

With that, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but curse deep inside her heart: Where did this devil come from? Is he a mind reader? How could he give a response whenever I was about to react?

Oh, God please take away this devil quickly. Lin Chujiu no longer want to deal with this type of man. A man that was full of dangerous atmosphere.

One roll of a bandage is very long roll. But, Demon Lord wrapped it around Lin Chujiu very slowly. And he used the entire roll of bandage. If Doctor Wu will see this, he will definitely complain!

“It’s a pity, it ended so soon.” While holding the end of the bandage, Demon Lord complaint.

Lin Chujiu felt all her hairs stand up.

What does this man mean?

What exactly is he trying to do?

Demon Lord didn’t want to answer the question in Lin Chujiu’s eyes. After tying the bandage. He stood up and maintain a normal distance from Lin Chujiu.

At last… … this devil will be gone.

But, it was too early for Lin Chujiu to be happy.

Demon Lord saw the looked in her eyes and he was very dissatisfied. He leaned forward and stretched his hand to pinch Lin Chujiu’s cheek. Then, he unhappily asks: “Are you afraid of this lord?”

Lin Chujiu felt pain in her cheeks, but she didn’t dare to complain. She only said truthfully: “I’m afraid, I’m afraid of you killing me.” When she saw how bloody and cruel he kill his opponent before, she was really terrified.

“Kill you? Rest assured, as long as you are obedient, this lord will not kill you.” Demon Lord loosens his grip on Lin Chujiu’s cheek, but his finger didn’t move away from her face. Instead, he stroke it back and forth. As if he was appreciating a rare collection.


There was no trace of temperature in Demon Lord’s fingers. So, when he touches her, Lin Chujiu had an urge to vomit. She felt like a snake is wriggling around her face.

Lin Chujiu admits that she is like a child that is not brave from bullying. So, she dejectedly said: “Young Master Demon Lord, I will be… …obedient.” This kind of action is really wicked!

“It’s good if you will be obedient all the time.” Demon Lord’s finger moved to Lin Chujiu’s lips and rubbed it gently. But, Lin Chujiu had goosebumps.

This subtle change did not escape Demon Lord’s eyes. He suddenly added a bit of force to his finger, while asking: “Do you hate being touch by this lord?” Demon Lord’s finger was slightly pressing her lips, so Lin Chujiu shook her head: “No, no… …” What can she do with her body instinct?

“Liar… …” Demon Lord pinch Lin Chujiu’s chin, then said: “Once you get used to it, you won’t be disgusted.”

As soon as his voice fell, Demon Lord leaned forward and kiss Lin Chujiu’s lips.

“Hmm…” Warm lips and tongue covered her mouth. However, his cold mask made her feel in pain, but… …

The man refused to let her go, he continues kissing her and bite her lips.

“Ah … … it hurts.” Lin Chujiu’s lips were covered by the smell of her own blood.

“Remember this pain. Next time, this lord will bite your beautiful neck.” After Demon Lord finished, he pushed Lin Chujiu to the bed.

Lin Chujiu was caught off guard. Her body falls into the big bed behind her. The next moment, Demon Lord leaned again against her.

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