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Doctor Wu is now sure that Lin Chujiu knows everything and she took it to heart. So, he couldn’t help but sigh: “Wangfei, it looks like you have some discomfort in your heart.” If she was unaware, she could still feel happy. But, if she knows everything, she will feel tired of living.

“Discomfort? Am I not qualified to feel discomfort? I am very qualified to feel this way!” When Lin Chujiu said that she is qualified, her vision becomes foggy, but she didn’t let her tears fall.

“Wangfei, regarding this matter, you can’t blame Wangye, Wangye also… … has some difficulty!” Doctor Wu harden his heart and said a few good words for Xiao Tianyao.

If Lin Chujiu didn’t let go of this matter, she will only live a sad life.

“I know, I don’t blame him.” I only blame myself for being stupid! For being unaware that I was used! 

Even after hearing the answer that he wants, Doctor Wu didn’t feel happy. Lin Chujiu’s facial expression is not a stranger in his eyes. Although she said that she doesn’t blame Xiao Tianyao, her heart remembered the hatred.

“Forget it, an outsider like me shouldn’t enter this matter.” Doctor Wu thought he was being stupid. He better let the two people involved to solve this matter. “Wangfei, let me show you the wound and change the dressing.”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to continue talking about Xiao Tianyao. So, she nodded her head gently: “Okay.”

Doctor Wu is an old man and had no scruples. Lin Chujiu is aware of the relationship between a doctor and a patient. However, this time, she is the patient, so she couldn’t help but feel somewhat awkward.

After the bandages were cut off, the suture to the wound was revealed. Doctor Wu then cleaned the medicine above the wound with disinfectant, and let Lin Chujiu take a look: “There is no swelling or inflammation. The new tissues will regenerate soon.”

“The recovery phase is good, but … …” The sutures look so ugly. Is Doctor Wu her enmity?

Lin Chujiu didn’t continue to speak, she only looks at Doctor Wu in silence. But, her silence has a trace of complaints.

Suturing is still unknown to this era. So, Doctor Wu sutured her skin like a piece of cloth. He just pokes and pokes her skin, right?

Doctor Wu felt embarrassed: “This, this… … is my first time suturing, so it looks a bit ugly.”

“It’s not a bit. It’s very ugly.” But, what else can she do? She can only live with an ugly scar for the rest of her life.

“If you think it’s ugly. When you recover, you can ask Wangye to go to the palace and get you a scar removal cream. That medicine is really good. After a month of using, you won’t be able to see the scar anymore.” Doctor Wu tried to sell the scar removal cream. At the same time, he created an opportunity for Xiao Tianyao… …

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu’s injury was on her chest, not on her brain: “Once I put on my clothes, it won’t be visible. So, it’s okay. Just change the dressing.”

After eating defeat, Doctor Wu felt quite depressed. However, after seeing Lin Chujiu’s cold face, he no longer dared to say anything. He only changes the dressing: “Wangfei, you still need to rest in the bed for a couple of days, so I won’t bandage your wound anymore.”

Doctor Wu bandaged Lin Chujiu’s wound before, in order to avoid further damage.

“No, wrapped it up.” Lin Chujiu put her right hand on the bed and sat up.

“Lie back on the bed, we don’t need to bandage it.” Doctor Wu said and tried to persuade Lin Chujiu. But actually, he wanted to say that she shouldn’t waste bandages.

“I will go back to Lin Fu this afternoon. So, you must put the bandage on me now.” Lin Chujiu directly said. She doesn’t want to explain further.

Doctor Wu was dumbfounded: “Wangfei, you, what do you mean? You want to recuperate in Lin Fu? Did I get it wrong?”

This is not right. Lin Fu is a dangerous place. Can she safely recuperate in there?

No, no, Wangfei would rather return to Lin Fu to recuperate than stay in Xiao Wangfu. Does that mean, Wangfei is so… … disappointed to Wangye to that extent?

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