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Having said that, Doctor Wu no longer pay attention to Lin Chujiu and just continue suturing.

“Oohh… …pain.” Lin Chujiu shiver in pain, she bit her lips and it starts bleeding. Tears also drop from her eyes one by one. But, because her face was covered in blood. Her tears was dyed in red. 

Can’t he see that I am dying in pain? Is Doctor Wu a doctor or a butcher? 

“We’ll, we’ll finish soon, we’ll finish soon.” Hearing that Lin Chujiu is crying. Doctor Wu felt nervous. Beads of sweat continue popping out on his forehead, but he didn’t dare to wipe them first.

This is the first time Doctor Wu suture a wound with the same technique as Lin Chujiu. Deep inside his heart, he was nervous and unsure… …

Who knows whether it is Doctor Wu’ comfort or the pain that made Lin Chujiu quiet. But, when Lin Chujiu didn’t utter a single word again, Doctor Wu finally calmed down himself.

“I’m so tired.” After cutting the suture, Doctor Wu found his hands were sour.

“This really requires physical work ah.” Doctor Wu rubbed his hands and wipe his face.

Lin Chujiu’s wound now has been sutured. Doctor Wu only need to put medicine and wound dressing. This time, he can do well.

After wrapping up Lin Chujiu’s wound, Doctor Wu looked for a blanket and covered Lin Chujiu’s body. Then, he went down from the carriage and find Liu Bai: “Wangfei’s wound has been taken care of. But, she lost too much blood. Her body is very weak. I don’t have the proper medicine. So, let’s send Wangfei back to the capital as soon as possible.”

Doctor Wu was very worried. Lin Chujiu’s wound is big, he doesn’t know if it will rot or not.

Moreover, she lost so much blood. He didn’t know how long would it take before she could make up for it.

“You finish so fast?” Liu Bai looks at Doctor Wu in astonishment.

He heard from the guards that Lin Chujiu was hit by an arrow. And it stuck to her chest.

“When I came in, Wangfei had already pulled out the arrow. I just put some medicine and dressing.” Doctor Wu think that Lin Chujiu’s brave action must be known to others.

With this, they won’t look down on her.

Whether it is a man or a woman, as long as they are ruthless. People will be terrified and respect them.

Liu Bai was terrified: “Wangfei is so cruel?” Won’t Wangye suffer?

"Wangfei is a strange woman. She and Wangye are the same. Even if their physical body is not strong, their heart is very strong. Well, well, no need to discuss this, you go and arrange people that will send Wangfei back to the capital. I’ll treat the other people’s injuries.” Although Doctor Wu’s hand felt sore, he knew that the other people need his help. 

Liu Bai sighed and said: “Only a few survived.”

“Even if it’s few, I need to save them.” As a doctor, in front of life and death, he didn’t feel discouraged.

Liu  Bai nodded his head: “Okay, then I’ll send back Wangfei. I’ll leave a few people to protect you.”

“Okay, you go now. Wangfei’s situation is urgent. You mustn’t delay any further. The road is bumpy, so be careful not to open up her wound again.” Doctor Wu said series of reminders with full of confidence.

After checking Lin Chujiu’s carriage, Liu Bai decided to send Lin Chujiu back to the capital with it.

Horseback riding is unsafe for her.

When Liu Bai is ready, he shouted: “Let’s go!”

The carriage slowly moved forward. And because Lin Chujiu was injured, the coachman didn’t dare to speed up.. …

“Finally, it’s safe to leave!”

Seeing the horse and carriage, finally disappeared on the distance road. In a dark area, a shadow with bloody red eyes turned to leave… …

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