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Lin Chujiu's painful cry catch the attention of the guardsmen. The guard felt worried and immediately stopped what he is doing, in fear of Lin Chujiu got into an accident. He hurriedly ran towards the carriage and ask: “Wangfei, are you okay?” Without Lin Chujiu’s order, the guard didn’t dare to enter inside.

“It’s nothing,” Because she was in extreme pain, Lin Chujiu is much sober. She look at the hemostatic drug near her feet and kicked it: “That is a medicine, sprinkled it to wounded people.”

In her current situation, she has no capability to help others.

"Yes, Wangfei." The guard took the medicine and remembered something: “Wangfei, this subordinate has sent a report to the capital. Someone will come soon to rescue us.”

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu simply said. She didn’t take it to heart. 

She won’t believe in Xiao Tianyao. She will only believe in herself.

Lin Chujiu loss a lot of blood. So right now, she feels cold and powerless. Even knowing that she will continue to lose a lot more blood. She can’t think of another solution.

Her left hand could barely move. She could only release another hemostatic drug to her right hand.

As soon as her right-hand move again, blood spewed out from her chest. Lin Chujiu suspected that she might die from excessive blood loss.

So, after putting hemostatic drug. Lin Chujiu closed her eyes and put a bandage on her wound. Then, she continues putting pressure on it. Lin Chujiu leaned against the wall while waiting for her wound to stops bleeding… …

But, her eyelids are getting heavier, and she loses control over her body. With a *bang* sound, Lin Chujiu fell… …

One second, one minute, as time continued to pass by, the guardsmen outside the carriage felt worried about Lin Chujiu. Hearing that there is no movement sound inside, they felt even more worried. The guardsmen walked closer and called a few times. But, they didn’t hear a single response.

"What should we do?" The guard anxiously asked his companion.

“Open the door and take a look.” To see, if Wangfei didn’t die… …

“But… …” Wangfei is a woman.  How dare we take a look?

“This is a special case. The situation now is urgent.”

The guardsmen finally decided to open the door. But, as soon as they open it, they saw a pool of blood and the unconscious Lin Chujiu.

“Wangfei died?” The guard asked, while the other guard went forward and put his finger under Lin Chujiu’s nose. When he learned that Lin Chujiu is still breathing, he breathes a sigh of relief: “No, not dead. Wangfei is still breathing.”

“What should we do? Wangfei loss a lot of blood. If it won’t stop, Wangfei will be in danger.” The other guard said with full of worries.

“Wangfei’s injury is on her chest. How can we dare to make a move?”

Lin Chujiu’s injury was in the place where these men are not allowed to see, nor touch.

"Saving Wangfei’s life is more important. First, we will turn her over and then we will sprinkle the medicine.” The guard said with full of intention to help. The other guard hesitated for a moment, but when he was about to come forward to help. A galloping horses footsteps sounded towards the direction of the capital.

“Wait, there are people coming, maybe they are also Xiao Wangfu’s people.” The guard busily patted his companion to stop making an action.

“Okay, let’s go and see first.” The guards immediately jumped out from the carriage.

The shadows of the people with galloping horses are still far for eyes to see, but one of them shouted: “Xiao Wangfu people need to pass, idlers get of the way!”

“Oh, it’s our reinforcement, our reinforcement come to help us.” The guardsmen didn’t think that their companion will come too fast. But, they were really glad to see them.

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