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Lin Chujiu’s left arm was wounded, fortunately, she didn’t hurt her bones. So, she could still use it to put a glove on her right hand.

As her right-hand touches the wound, Lin Chujiu could see very clearly the wound on her left chest. However, there is a major problem, she could only move her right hand. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to damage the surrounding blood vessels, but it’s very difficult to remove the arrow with only one hand. 

For a moment, Lin Chujiu wanted to give up.

She has no relatives around her, no one cares about her life or death. Maybe, it’s far better if she died. But… …

She already died once. She really doesn’t want to face death once again. She wanted to live well.

“I just want to live. But, why is it so difficult?” Lin Chujiu started to feel bad once again. But, she sniffed and stopped crying. 

Crying will not solve anything.

Lin Chujiu calmed down herself and took the surgical tweezers on the surgical tray. Then, she began checking her wounds.

Lin Chujiu knew that the arrow didn’t hit her aorta, otherwise, she has long been dead from losing too much blood. Another reason is, she won’t have the strength to operate on herself.

However, the arrow is stuck near her blood vessels. If it is another doctor, they won’t succeed. But, Lin Chujiu is very confident with her skills. So, she added 10% success rate on her survival. 

“Even if you are not sure to succeed, you have to do it, unless you want to die.”

Lin Chujiu encourage herself and took a deep breath before cutting her flesh. Then, she cleaned the outer area before clamping her necrotic flesh with surgical clips. Lin Chujiu made another incision to open up the wound further.

In the absence of anesthesia, the pain caused by her movements seems to reach the highest level. But, at least, the arrow was loosened by the incision. Lin Chujiu clenched her teeth, as her sweat started dripping. Her heart feels like splitting too.

“Oooh, it hurts so much!” Lin Chujiu’s lips were trembling, her back was stiff, her left hand was clutching the carpet. But, she tried her best to steady her right hand, so that she could put the surgical spreader in the right position.

Using surgical spreader will add more damage to the wound, but this is the only best way she could think of. Without it, she wouldn’t be able to pull the arrow.

Lin Chujiu know that the process of removing the arrow will be very painful. In order not be taken over by pain, Lin Chujiu give herself time to relax.

Inhale, exhale … … Lin Chujiu continued to take deep breaths and adjusted her emotions. She tried monopolizing herself again to ignore the pain of her wounds. After half a stick of incense, Lin Chujiu calmed down. –

I can do this!

She was called a genius surgeon by many because of her Godlike Hand. So, why would she get a hard time because of a little injury!

Lin Chujiu looked and stared at her own wound. Then, she holds the arrow with her right hand and pulled it bit by bit.


Lin Chujiu was in pain, but she didn’t dare to blink. She feared that if her hand shook, her blood vessels will be damaged.

“Mm…” Lin Chujiu continue removing the arrow bit by bit.

Fortunately, while in the process, no blood vessel was damaged. Lin Chujiu maintain the same strength. Only her right hand could move, so she must succeed.

*Plop* The arrow was pulled out. However… …

“Ahhh…” The moment she pulled out the arrow, Lin Chujiu scream and almost fainted. And because the pressure was removed, blood started gushing out from the wound. Lin Chujiu immediately grabbed the gauze beside her and kept pressing the wound. But, there was no effect… …

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