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Demon Lord’s departing figure shock everyone greatly. When he was gone for a long time, the guardsmen finally able to recover their mind and realize their position. The guardsmen blushed and rushed towards Lin Chujiu. In front of her, they bowed and asked: “Wangfei, are you okay?”

Am I okay? Is it good to be alive?

“Reassured, I’m not dead.” Lin Chujiu knows that this incident has nothing to do with the guardsmen. But, she couldn’t help but get angry.

Hearing Lin Chujiu’s dissatisfaction, the guardsmen kowtow: “Wangfei, it is our fault, please punish us.”

“Punish you?” Is she qualified to punish Xiao Tianyao’s guardsmen?

Even if she is qualified, she is not in right the position to punish them. In order to protect her, many guards have died. So, what qualification she had to punish them?

“Forget it, get up, this matter has nothing to do with you.” Lin Chujiu said while hiding her sadness.

“Many thanks to Wangfei’s graciousness.” The guardsmen breath a sigh of relief. Seeing Lin Chujiu struggling to get up, the guard hesitated for a moment, but still step forward: “Wangfei, I’ll help you get up.”

“Help me get into the carriage.” Lin Chujiu knew very well her condition, so she didn’t refuse. After getting up, she looks at all the people on the ground and sighed: “Check, if how many people are not dead. I have medicines here.”

These people fainted due to their injuries. They couldn’t ask for help, so the medical system didn’t force her to heal them. But, she couldn’t just ignore them.

Xiao Tianyao is ruthless. It was Xiao Tianyao’s fault that everyone ended up like this.

“Many thanks, Wangfei.” The guard sobbingly said, then help Lin Chujiu get near the carriage.

The carriage hasn’t been rolled over, so the guard asks her to wait for a moment. After fixing the carriage, the guard help Lin Chujiu to get inside: “Wangfei, have some rest. This subordinate will go and check the other’s condition.”

Zhou Si's arrows were extremely destructive. Everyone who got hit has a hole in their body. But, in her current situation, Lin Chujiu could only give them medicines.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what the guardsmen were thinking. But, after the guard left, she took out a surgical kit and some traumatic drugs from the medical system, to treat her own wounds.

Lin Chujiu knew that the guardsmen will not bother her without her orders, so she boldly cut off her clothes and exposed her left chest.

The tip of the arrow was pointing in her heart. As long as they travel on the road, she will die. So, she must take this arrow out of her body, but… …

How can she do that, if only her one hand could move?

Another important thing is, during the removal process, it will be very painful. Without anesthesia, can she withstand the pain?

“It’s so sad.” Lin Chujiu really couldn’t understand how she got into this sad situation.-

While leaning on the carriage’s wall, Lin Chujiu look at the roof. She really doesn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t stop her tears from falling.

After a long while, Lin Chujiu finally dried up her tears. She raises her hand and wipes away the remaining tears on her face.

“Lin Chujiu, don’t cry. Crying will not solve anything. You’re still half an hour far away from the capital. The road is bumpy. Your wound will get worst and worst before you could even find a doctor. In order to survive, you must cure yourself as soon as possible. There are also injured people waiting for you outside. You shouldn’t give up now!”

Lin Chujiu monopolize herself again and again. Until she had gathered enough courage, to operate on herself without anesthesia.

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