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Zhou Si knows very clear that today’s event is what Xiao Tianyao had planned. However, since his other target appeared, there is no reason for him to return with an empty hand. So, Lin Chujiu must die here today! 

The bowstring was pulled and his grip tightened. The muscle on his arm swelled. This is Zhou Si’s most perfect attack posture, as he aimed arrow towards Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu’s face was white, but she stayed motionless.

It’s not because she doesn’t want to move, but because she can’t move at all. Lin Chujiu knows herself very well, she also knows how fast Zhou Si’s arrows are. With her agility, she can’t avoid those arrows.

“Protect Wangfei!” The guardsmen took the initiative and rushed forward to attacked Zhou Si, but… …

As soon as they finished those words, although they move fast, they are not as fast as Zhou Si’s arrows.

The guard only took three to five footsteps, but Zhou Si’s arrows hit him right after he took a shot: “Ahh!… …”

The first arrow flies with a lightning speed towards Lin Chujiu. It’s so fast to the point that a naked couldn’t see it.


The arrow hit the guard in front of Lin Chunjiu. However, the arrow did not stop but went straight through the next guard’s body and continued to move forward. The speed of the arrow was not reduced by half…

"Ahh… …" It was only one arrow, but it hit people like they were just dumplings. It already hit three people, but its speed didn’t even reduce by a bit. With this, Lin Chujiu will definitely get hit and she will die!

This shows how terrible Zhou Si’s power is!

“Wangfei, run!”

Run? Where will she run?

To the left side or to the right?

However, Zhou Si shoots three arrows. As soon as the middle arrow fly, the left and the right arrow also followed. The most frightening part is those two arrows fly in a semi-circular angle.

This skill completely violates Lin Chujiu’s understanding, but this is the harsh reality.

She doesn’t need to choose between left or right. Or even run backward. No matter what side she chooses, nothing will work. Because… …

Those two arrows are now flying downward towards her. Even if Lin Chujiu chooses to lie flat on the ground, those two arrows will still hit her.

Such well-designed trap deserved a high praise!

Therefore, Lin Chujiu didn’t move. She just stood there motionless. Maybe with this, there will be a bit chance of survival…

Feicui and the other’s face become pale with fear. Their legs also become weak, but they remained motionless and just stand firmly in front of Lin Chujiu.

“Ahh…” The arrow flies through and penetrated the body of the four maidservants. And finally… … it hit Lin Chujiu.

“Ahh.. …” Lin Chujiu spit out a mouthful of blood. Fortunately, the arrow didn’t pass through her body. Instead, it stayed.

But, because of its strength, Lin Chujiu was pushed backward for at least ten meters before she completely falls to the ground.

However, at this point in time, the left and the right arrows were flying towards her place. Lin Chujiu haven’t even had time to pant, but she continued to roll back herself, regardless the middle arrow was on her chest… …

She had just calculated, the only way she can survive is to avoid those two arrows by running forward or backward.

As long as she is not hit by those arrows. Lin Chujiu believes she can survive. But… …

She underestimated Zhou Si’s arrows. With her current speed, she won’t be able to run pass Zhou Si’s arrows.

Looking at the two cold arrows, for the first time, Lin Chujiu felt desperate in her life.

The speed of the arrows are too fast, she can no longer escape.

She can’t run away!

She will die!

“Xiao Tianyao, I hate you. I really hate you.”

"How can you do this to me? How can you… …" Whenever she raised her hope in him, he always pushes her away in the brink of hell.
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