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Foods and drinks are things that could easily be tampered. So, if she can do it herself, that would be good because it is a lot safer. Shanhu knows where the Xiaoxiang Hall small kitchen is, so she immediately said: “I will go to the kitchen and see what could be eaten. I want to prepare in advance, so that when Wangfei woke up. She could eat immediately.”

Princess Fu An will be celebrating her birthday the whole day. They don’t know what will be the afternoon activity. Lin Chujiu couldn’t stay in the bamboo house the whole time, so it will be nice if they could cook a soup that can make her sober.

“Ok, just come back quickly.” Zhenzhu said with a bit of worry.

Shanhu knows that Wanfu Garden is not a safe place, so she said with a serious face: “Don’t worry, I’ll be careful.”

Shanhu said she would be careful and come back quickly, but… …

After a quarter of an hour, Shanhu still hasn’t returned.

Another quarter of an hour passed by, but even Shanhu’s shadow didn’t show up.

“Did something happen to her?” Manao asked with a worried face.

Zhenzhu is also very worried. But, she is the oldest among them. She shouldn’t get panic, so she said: “Everything will be alright. We will continue to wait.”

Zhenzhu and Manao know that the most important thing right now is to protect their Wangfei. They don’t need to do something else.

Inside the house, after Feicui and Zhenzhu went outside, Lin Chujiu immediately open her eyes, but… …

Her cheeks flushed even more. And her vision was blurred more than before.

Right, she got caught in the trap!

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know when exactly it happened. The medical system didn’t send an alarm. However, if she guessed right, it should be when the fireworks explode. Because that was the only time she was far from the others.

And since the medical system didn’t remind her, Lin Chujiu boldly guess that Princess Fu An uses multiple kinds of drugs. These drugs will not cause harm unless it made contact with one another. And that is also why the medical system didn’t issue an alarm.

“Sure thing, she really made a careful plan. She caught me off guard since the very beginning,” Lin Chujiu pinch her waist. According to her physical reaction, she knew she was given a mixture of aphrodisiac.

“Princess Fuan is really a good imperial sister. She can’t wait to destroy me.”

The best way to quell a scandal is not to stop it, but rather, to create a much bigger scandal.

If all the guest in the birthday party had seen her with a couple of men… … Will they still remember Princess Fushou Zhang’s scandal?

“Treacherous!” Lin Chujiu secretly cursed and took a deep breath. After calming herself, she decided to remove the aphrodisiac by using an IV drug.

And in order to clear the aphrodisiac from her body as soon as possible, Lin Chujiu specifically increased the dosage.

It will take a while before it effects lessen, so in order to keep herself awake. Lin Chujiu injected the drug into her thigh.

This method works really well. It’s painful, but at the same time, it won’t leave any scar.

As soon as the IV drug flows in her blood, it plays it’s effect really fast. The hotness in Lin Chujiu’s body almost disappear. The aphrodisiac effect completely vanished when the IV drug was fully injected, but she’s still feeling weak.

Lin Chujiu knows Princess Fu An’s arrangement was on its way. And soon, there will a big commotion. She must save her energy so that she could escape later.

As for Feicui and the others?

Lin Chujiu don’t expect much. Princess Fu An made a careful plan, so why would she not make an arrangement for them?

However… …

“How am I going to fight with this broken body?”

Lin Chujiu pressed her temples, she was still feeling dizzy, so she couldn’t help but reveal a wry smile… …

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