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As long as she killed Lin Chujiu according to the plan. Her father and brother will be fine.

Everyone nervously looked at Lin Chujiu who’s walking towards the stage. While Princess Fu An’s smile becomes more and more gentle.

However, the next second, everyone was dumbfounded!

Lin Chujiu didn’t go to the designated area, instead, she walked towards Cheng Xiaoqi in a hurry, preventing her to react.

Before Cheng Xiaoqi could even react, Lin Chujiu was already in front of her: “Princess… …”

Cheng Xiaoqi only said a word, but the bow and arrow were already been taken away by Lin Chujiu in her hands: “Good girl, very obedient.”

After saying those words, Lin Chujiu put the “special firework” in Cheng Xiaoqi’s hands and said: “Hold it carefully. Don’t let your hands shake.”

Lin Chujiu turn around and walked to the opposite side. And then, she stretches the bowstring and aligns the arrow towards Cheng Xiao: “Miss Cheng, could you lift it up!”

“This, what’s going on?” Everyone was dumbfounded.

How come in a blink of an eye, the two-person on the stage had reversed their position?

“Princess Xiao… …” In dissatisfaction, Princess Fu An immediately send out a cry, but Lin Chujiu didn’t let her speak: “Imperial sister-in-law, don’t worry, I’ll let you see Miss Cheng’s special birthday gift. You’ll see it soon.”

“No, no … …” Seeing the “special fireworks in her hands, Cheng Xiaoqi felt lost in words. 

“Miss Cheng, don’t freeze in there. Lift up the firework. This princess’s hands are getting sour.” In order to prove her words, Lin  Chujiu deliberately let the bow and arrow shook her hands.

“Princess Xiao, I didn’t ask you to shoot.” Princess Fu An insisted in anger.

Cheng Xiaoqi also reacted, she grips the “special firework” and walks towards Lin Chujiu: “Princess Xiao, I asked you help me hold the firework.”

“Stand still, don’t move … … If I accidentally shoot, I might scratch your beautiful face.” Lin Chujiu lift the arrow to show that she is serious.

Cheng Xiaoqi got scared and didn’t move.

Princess Fu An tightly frowned her eyebrows, she cannot wait to open her mouth, but she heard Lin Chujiu said: “Imperial sister-in-law, I only agreed to help. But, as for how I will help, that is for me to decide. Everyone, you want to see Miss Cheng’s special gift, I’ll let you all see it.”

After she finished, Lin Chujiu shook her hands: “Miss Cheng, this princess’s patience is limited. Quickly put the fireworks up.”

“I, I … …” Seeing the arrow towards her, Cheng Xiaoqi’s legs involuntary soften.

“Miss Cheng, don’t be afraid. This princess archery was personally taught by Wangye. Even if you can’t believe in my skill, you believe in the God of War’s archery skill, right?” Once again, Lin Chujiu shamelessly use Xiao Tianyao as a shield. Feicui and the others cover up their face. And inside their heart, they couldn’t help but say… …

Wangye, we’re sorry, we let Wangfei ruined your reputation.

“I, I’m not afraid.” I’m only scared of ghost.

“Of course, Miss Cheng is as brave as a tiger, why would she get scared.” Lin Chujiu “sincerely” give Cheng Xiaoqi a praise, so she won’t retreat.

The other people wanted to stop Lin Chujiu because what was her doing is dangerous. But, after remembering that they didn’t stop Princess Fu An and Cheng Xiaoqi’s persuasion. They realized that they will only slap their own face.

Cheng Xiaoqi keep staring at Princess Fu An to ask for help, but Princess Fu An didn’t look at her.

Cheng Xiaoqi’s eyes flashed with a trace of sadness. If only she knew that things would become like this, then she… …

Cheng Xiaoqi gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. Then, she lifted her arms to expose the “special firework: “Princess Xiao, I’m ready.”

Lin Chujiu pointed the arrow directly to the red dot on the “special firework”.

However, things are easier said than done. Especially, because… …

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