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Seeing Princess Fu An and Cheng Xiaoqi singing together, Lin Chujiu can’t help but laugh… …

“It seems Imperial sister-in-law still has a childlike innocence, actually playing around with a child’s nonsense.” After waiting for a long time, Cheng Furen didn’t come out from the scene. So, Lin Chujiu is sure that she is certainly not in this party. Otherwise, Cheng Furen will never let her daughter provoke her.

Lin Chujiu look at Cheng Xiaoqi with sympathy: Poor child, she didn’t know she’s only being used.

Princess Fu An didn’t understand the meaning of Lin Chujiu’s words, so she only laughed and said: “Today is this imperial princess’s birthday, why don’t we keep playing with harmony oh? This imperial princess is looking forward to this child’s special gift. Princess Xiao please cooperate and let this imperial princess see what this child has prepared, okay?”

“Let’s hear it.” Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse but didn’t also agree.

Cheng Xiaoqi didn’t understand Lin Chujiu’s words, so she stood up to the stage and said a simple rule. And then, she asks someone to bring the bow and arrow.

“Princess Xiao, rest assured. I practice at home for six months, so I will not miss.” Cheng Xiaoqi’s eyes flashed with malicious intent.

Princess Fu An smiled and said: “It’s quite interesting. Princess Xiao, what do you think?”

Lin Chujiu faintly smile but didn’t answer. Nor stop Cheng Xiaoqi’s plans.

Even though Cheng Xiaoqi’s special gift is a lot more dangerous than she claimed.

Cheng Xiaoqi explains with a smile that she sought artisans to make this special firework for Princess Fu An. This firework is made with special materials, so it doesn’t need to be ignited with fire. It only needs to be shot by a special arrow to be ignited.

But because of its special design, it shouldn’t fall, nor be put on the ground. So, a person needs to hold it. Cheng Xiaoqi hopes that person would be Lin Chujiu. As for what reason? She said that when the firework explodes, only a beautiful woman like Lin Chujiu could enhance its beauty.

Of course, Cheng Xiaoqi also explained that the firework is not made of gunpowder, so she won’t get hurt. But, as for what kind of materials it was made, she said it was a secret.

After hearing the explanations, Lin Chujiu is much more convinced that this plan is not formulated by Cheng Xiaoqi. In order to put her in shame, Princess Fu An really made a careful plan.

Soon, things have been prepared.

Cheng Xiaoqi didn’t lie. The “special firework” has a triangular bottom, so it cannot hold itself to the ground.

“Princess Xiao, please … …” Cheng Xiaoqi took the bow and arrow that was brought by a servant and maliciously smile.

“Princess Xiao, may this imperial princess trouble you.” Princess Fu An also pressured Lin Chujiu with a smile. While the other young misses are naturally excited about the show.

“Oh … …” Lin Chujiu smile and was about to get up, but she heard Feicui’s anxious words: “Wangfei don’t.”

There might be no danger, but once the arrow has been shot, no person would stay calm. So, if Lin Chujiu got scared, these people would definitely laugh and ridicule her.

Moreover, this firework’s materials are unknown, so if in case it explodes, what will they do?

Besides, what if Princess Fu An deliberately ordered Cheng Xiaoqi to “miss” the shot?

For them, this little girl’s life is worth nothing compared to their Wangfei’s life.

“It’s alright.” Lin Chujiu raised her hand, indicating for Feicui to move away, and then she got up and said: “Today is imperial princess sister-in-law’s birthday, so how could this princess make her unhappy.”

Lin Chujiu took the “special firework” that was handed by a servant. And then, she gracefully walks towards the stage. As soon as Cheng Xiaoqi saw Lin Chujiu come, her eyes shine brightly, as her grip to bow tightens… …

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