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Chapter 164
Chapter 164: Shame and Our Wangye said (Part 1)

Princess Fushou Zhang is not only married to a royal family but was also given off to form an alliance. So, whether she is an imperial princess of the east or in there, her status could be considered extremely high.

Lin Chujiu’s identity might be an imperial princess, but she is not the emperor’s wife but only a sister-in-law. So, in accordance with their identity, Lin Chujiu must pay respect to Princess Fushou Zhang.

Lin Chujiu didn’t stand up in the presence of Princess Fushou Zhang is already rude. But now, that Princess Fushou Zhang directly mentions her name, no matter how much she hates it, Lin Chujiu must pay her respect.

After hearing Princess Fushou Zhang‘s remark, the other young misses also look at Lin Chujiu. They look at quietly and wait to see how Princess Xiao will going to give her response.

Lin Chujiu didn’t plead for mercy, instead, she sits calmly and said with a bit indifferent tone: “I’m sorry imperial princess, but Wangye deliberately said to me to stay away from you and act like I didn’t see you. So, this princess didn’t pay her respect. I am stupid, so even though I didn’t understand what Wangye has said, I only follow his words. Please forgive this princess for not paying respect.”

As for why Prince Xiao instructed her to stay away from Princess Fushou Zhang?

Smart people don’t need to ask because they already know the answer… …

Princess Fushou Zhang was so angry, so she was instantly got distracted: “How dare he… …”

Xiao Tianyao’s words undoubtedly stab her wounds.

Lin Chujiu shyly smile and added: “This princess is married to Xiao Wangfu, Xiao Wangye is my husband, so naturally, this princess will comply.”

“Tianyao … … well, this imperial princess will remember.” Between her and Xiao Tianyao, there is only endless hate!

Lin Chujiu shyly smile again and said: “If Wangye learns that imperial princess will remember him, Wangye will be very happy!”


The young misses almost sprayed out their tea: That isn’t what Princess Fushou Zhang mean, right? This Princess Xiao is not only good in acting like a fool, but also very unique.

Princess Fushou Zhang clenched her hand into a fist but tried hard to maintain the calmness in her face calm, then coldly said: “Happy? Then, this imperial princess will give him more opportunity to be happy.”

These words meaning is quite deep, but Lin Chujiu didn’t understand, so she didn’t say anything.

Princess Fushou Zhang gritted her teeth, it can be said that she is biased, but she really doesn’t like Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu is her sister-in-law, but she didn’t give her respect, rather she treat her rudely.

Princess Fu An softly persuades: “Imperial sister, don’t be angry. Princess Xiao is still young, so she doesn’t know if what she’s doing is right.”

Obviously, this is to belittle Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care and just continue sitting with an indifferent look. She also didn’t say anything.

Princess Fushou Zhang coldly hums, and then she sits on the main seat and looks at Lin Chujiu with disgust: “What’s that dirty smell next on the table? Fu An don’t you know how to be picky anymore?”

People with clear eyes know that Princess Fushou Zhang is referring to Lin Chujiu, but Lin Chujiu acted like it got nothing to do with her and even nodded her head and said: “Indeed!”

After she finished, Lin Chujiu stood up and walked to the end part of the table and stopped in f

ront of the young miss with a purple dress. The young miss busily get up and said: “Princess… …”

“Young miss, can you change seat with me?” Lin Chujiu casually said. Her voice is not loud, but enough to be heard by everyone.


Princess Fushou Zhang slammed the table: “Lin Chujiu, what do mean ah?”  She actually dare to change seat? Is she criticizing her?

But, what qualifications does Lin Chujiu have to criticize her?

“Imperial princess, aside from acting like I didn’t see you, Wangye also said to stay away from you, or else my reputation will be ruin.” Lin Chujiu said with a sincere face as if she isn’t lying.

Feicui and the other three maidservants quietly cover their face: Wangfei do you really need to use Wangye like this? Princess Fushou Zhang will hate him more and more ah.

“What did you say?” Princess Fushou Zhang‘s face got distorted as she was gritting her teeth.

Chapter 164: Shame and Our Wangye said (Part 2)

Lin Chiujiu repeated her words: “Imperial princess, aside from act like I didn’t see you, Wangye also said to stay away from you, or else my reputation will be ruin.” But this time, her voice is louder than before. 

The table they were sitting in, is the main table. So, all the people that were present also has a distinguished identity. Princess Fushou Zhang’s identity is extremely high, but the other’s identity is also not bad. So, when they heard Lin Chujiu’s words, they remain silent and acted like they didn’t hear anything. 

But in fact, they also want to stay away from Princess Fushou Zhang. After all, her reputation right now is not really good. But, because she is an imperial princess, no one dared to open their mouth. 

This Xiao husband and wife is really too much! Do they really need to provoke her again and again!?

Princess Fushou Zhang gritted her teeth and said: “Tianyao really said that? He actually dared to say those words to me? Did he forget that I am his eldest sister? Don’t he know the family’s hierarchy?”

Lin Chijiu seems like didn’t said much, but in fact, she actually said everything.

Earlier, no one had dared to mention her issues, so Princess Fushou Zhang felt happy. Especially, when those young misses flattered her. But, because of Lin Chujiu’s words, her shame was remembered by everyone and her entire being was pulled low.

The atmosphere in the main table become strange. The other young misses to the next tables also started to feel awkward.

Princess Fu An wanted to come forward and speak for her imperial elder sister, but… …

Cui Eldest sister-in-law quietly pulled her arm and shook her head.

Princess Fushou Zhang loses her virtue because of her own doing. So, this time, if she helps her, she might also get involved. The imperial family can afford to lose their face, but the Cui Family cannot. 

Princess Fu An knows that her Cui eldest sister-in-law is only worried about her, but her heart still has some worries.

Lin Chujiu asked with innocent face: “Imperial Princess, did I said something wrong? You seems very angry?”

At this point in time, the advantage of being young was well demonstrated by Lin Chujiu. Because her innocent face really made the people around her unable to pick a fight.

No one answered Lin Chujiu’s question, but she didn’t feel a bit embarrassed. She even continues to say: “Wangye’s words are not wrong. So, I don’t understand why I made imperial princess angry, I’m really stupid ah. Wangye’s words are right, but imperial princess is also a smart person ah, if I know how to show off like imperial princess, I might even earn a few silver.”

In the face of Princess Fu An’s provocation, Lin Chujiu was domineering. But, in the face of Princess Fushou Zhang, she was naive and simple. The other young misses are also fine people, so how wouldn’t they know that this is simple Lin Chujiu’s inborn skills.

The atmosphere in the main table becomes more and more heated, as Lin Chujiu and Princess Fushou Zhang continue fighting. So, at this moment, Cui Eldest Furen couldn’t help but sigh.

Princess Fu An is Cui’s family’s daughter-in-law. If her birthday was destroyed, the Cui Family will be put to shame. So, Cui Eldest Furen reluctantly played her role.

Cui Eldest Furen ignored the awkward look on everyone’s face and went to Lin Chujiu’s side. And then, she smiled and said: “Princess Xiao, you just arrived. I’m sure you haven’t seen the emperor’s birthday present. I heard it came from the Central Empire, so I’m sure it’s very rare.”

Cui Eldest Furen has quite some face to the other young misses. So, when she finished, some young misses immediately join in: “Right, Princess Xiao why don’t you take a look at it? You might find it interesting.”

“Oh, I haven’t seen it much, I’ll go with Princess Xiao.” After hearing what Lin Chujiu had said, the other young misses no longer want to stay close to Princess Fushou Zhang. And so, they stood one by one, after making an excuse. 

Seeing that the atmosphere finally had calm down, Cui Eldest Furen couldn’t help but sighed in relief and smile as she said: “Princess Xiao, should we go?”

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu also doesn’t want to see Princess Fushou Zhang,‘s face. She is tired to look at the two sisters, so she just went along with Cui Eldest Furen.

Several other young misses on the table also eagerly get up. So, Princess Fushou Zhang was left sitting alone in the main table…


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