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Each of them has a distinguished identity, so some things are better not kept ugly. Lin Chujiu give Princess Fu An a chance to step down. Although her heart is unwilling, Princess Fu An steps down to avoid embarrassing herself further.

Princess Fu An helped the wounded young miss with a smiling face as if nothing had happened in general.

Lin Chujiu didn’t feel any discomfort, so she walked together with the other thirty-four young misses without the slightest fear. Coupled with her dazzling dress, the uninformed person will think that she is the protagonist of today’s banquet.

Lin Chujiu did not only rob the limelight of Princess Fu An as the celebrant, but also outdone her. Lin Chujiu also insolently showed her temper, like a wild person, so Princess Fu An felt like she was taken for granted.

Lin Chujiu has always been like that, but Princess Fu An thought she will become a gentle sheep after getting married.

Wan Fu Garden has a very wide area and was directly under the mountain. Its original appearance was preserve, so it looks a bit rustic. Such a boring place could be easily make forgotten by the people. 

No one likes the mountain view, but Lin Chujiu likes its a lot. However, today, she didn’t come for sightseeing. So, after pulling back her eyes, Lin Chujiu listen to Princess Fu An’s words from time to time.

Princess Fu An’s heart has calmed down a bit, that’s why along the way, she maintains her identity as an imperial princess. Princess Fu An is Lin Chujiu’s sister-in-law, but because she was a lot more older, she couldn’t help but whispered some words to teach her a lesson, as if she was only her nephew.

However, although her mouth was filled with cheap words, Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care. Seeing Lin Chujiu got more and more arrogant, Princess Fu An didn’t have a second thought to even dare mention Lin Chujiu’s dead mother.

“This imperial princess really couldn’t understand why imperial brother accepted you into the royal family. Your mother had stayed with a stranger for half a year. I don’t know if she had you… …”

“Shut up!” Lin Chujiu stop walking and severely cut off Princess Fu An’s words.

Princess Fu An originally doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to be so daring, but she got startled with her words. After some delay, Princess Fu An laughed and said: “You said to this imperial princess to shut up? Your courage is big, if not only for Prince Xiao, do you think this imperial princess will put you in her eyes?”

“I told you to shut up! I don’t need anyone’s support.” Lin Chujiu’s cold eyes slightly swept to the two women that were beside Princess Fu’an.

These women are Cui Family’s daughter-in-law, so basically, they are also Princess Fu An’s sister-in-law.

What a big courage, she doesn’t she put the princess in her eyes?

Aside from those two, everyone stared dumbfounded. After all, they didn’t think Lin Chujiu would be more and more arrogant but also has a big courage.

“Insolent! Ignorant! You dare throw this imperial princess’ face! Today, this imperial princess will teach you how to be a model sister-in-law.” Princess Fu An then said to the old lady behind her: “Eldest sister-in-law, come, tell Princess Xiao what should be her attitude when she speaks to this imperial princess!”

“Yes.” The old lady behind Princess Fu An respond and was about to come forward. But, she hasn’t taken a step, when Lin Chujiu laughed: “Since when did the Cui Family’s daughter-in-law have the right to teach an Imperial daughter-in-law?”

These words, of course, are referring to the two sisters-in-law of Princess Fu An.

The two old women who are married into the Cui Family are not stupid. They immediately kneel down and said: “This furen ask Princess Xiao forgiveness, this furen doesn’t dare.”

“You don’t dare, but someone has dared.” Lin Chujiu coldly look at Princess Fu An as she mentions the word “someone”, so it is self-evident.

Princess Fu An looks embarrassed, but she strongly said: “What is wrong with the emperor’s sister teaching her sister-in-law?”

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