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Lin Chujiu and her people are not in a hurry. Outside the capital, the road is a bit bumpy, so the coachman deliberately drives slowly.

The Wan Fu Garden is close to the Royal Hunting Ground, so the distance of it in the capital is quite large. It will take half an hour before they arrive, so out of boredom, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but yawn and ask Feicui to give her a book to pass the time.

The carriage was moving steadily. The coachman is driving slow, so all of them are sitting comfortably.

Feicui handed her a book, but Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but put it down because the story is all about a scholar and a young lady’s love and elopement. Lin Chujiu only read two pages, but her head already ache.

Lin Chujiu was readying herself to throw the book to Feicui, but they suddenly heard a bursting noise of galloping horses going their way. Their carriage horse got scared to the loud noise, and so the carriage shakes a bit.

“Hey, let’s …”

The coachman hasn’t finished saying his words, when he heard someone shout: “Move away, move away, this is urgent! An urgent!”

They are urgently shouting, so there must be a major event. Too late to ask, the coachman and the guardsmen immediately rushed to the roadside to give way.

*tacatac, tacatac*

Three horses have passed their way in a hurry. So, soon enough the loud noise drift away.

The coachman jumped off the carriage and kneel down to ask forgiveness to Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu is not an unreasonable person, so she let the coachman go up and continue driving.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to arrive early, but she also doesn’t want to be late.

The carriage moves forward steadily again, but Lin Chujiu’s mood change.

Hearing there’s an urgent, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but feel disturbed and felt like something will happen. But, what is it?

The uneasiness feeling still lingers in Lin Chujiu’s heart until they reach the Wan Fu Garden. So, when the four maidservants get off the carriage and saw her coward looking face, they said: “Wangfei we’re not late.” Wangfei obviously didn’t get scared to the Empress, so why now she’s timid?

Lin Chujiu didn’t explain herself, she only nodded her head and said: “I know.” 

Lin Chujiu also know that this is not good for her, so she adjusted her emotion to hide her uneasiness.

After closing her eyes, Lin Chujiu also took a deep breath, so her uneasiness lessens a bit. Then, she revealed a calm and yet restrained smile. Lin Chujiu put her hand on Feicui’s arm and elegantly get down the carriage.

Xiao Wangfu’s carriage hasn’t arrived, but some guards should already send a notice in advance. Because with Lin Chujiu’s identity, someone should come out and greet her.

However, Lin Chujiu was already in front of Wan Fu Garden’s gate, but no one still came to greet her. Some guards are standing near the door, but it seems they don’t know Lin Chujiu, so they didn’t pay her attention.

“Wangfei?” Fecui moves closer and calls her with a bit dissatisfaction.

This behavior is not only contemptuous to Lin Chujiu, but also to the Xiao Wangfu.

Lin Chujiu leisurely smile: “Hand them the invitation.”

“Yes.” Knowing Lin Chujiu’s temper, Feicui no longer said anything. According to the rules, they must hand the invitation to the guards.  

The guards sarcastically look at Lin Chujiu and proudly took the invitation letter. And then, he leisurely opens it and… … immediately kneel on the ground and kowtow: “This lowly one didn’t recognize Princess Xiao, this lowly one deserves death. But, please, Princess, spare this lowly one’s life.”

This act is too fake and scripted!

Lin Chujiu leisurely chuckle: “Damn wretched.”

“This lowly one is at fault, but this lowly one asks Princess Xiao’s forgiveness.” The guard constantly kowtow. And soon, his forehead started bleeding, leaving a trace of blood on the ground. As if Lin Chujiu bullied him.

“Wangfei … …” The four maidservants sense something bad. But, they haven’t opened their mouth, when Princess Fu An and the other young misses arrive… …

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