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A person will only know fear or pain after being beaten. And the emperor is no exception to this.

After investigating for a long time, The Chief of Investigation didn’t find any remaining evidence. Let alone, any hard evidence that can relate this matter to Xiao Tianyao. So, the emperor couldn’t do anything to him.

Seeing the situation getting more and more chaotic in the country. In order to secure the safety of the citizen. The emperor had no choice but to step back.

After severely punishing Provincial Governor Jiu Mei, Viscount Wang, and General Zhen Yuan. The Emperor ordered the Dali Temple to further investigate Xiao Tianyao’s imprisoned confidants. If they were really guilty of their crime, they will be dismissed from their position. But, if there is no sufficient evidence, they will be released.

Every day, the confidants and their family were being tormented. So, they thought they will all going to die. But after ten days, they were released because they were all proven, innocents.

After getting out from the prison, the confidants learns the ins and outs of the event. So, they couldn’t help but feel thankful to Xiao Tianyao. And they become more and more determined to follow him.

During the critical moment, Xiao Wangye didn’t abandon them. Such master is worth dying for.

These confidants are solid generals of the East country’s army. So, since they were proven not guilty, they all naturally resume their old position. Although the Emperor is not happy about this, at this point in time, he really doesn’t want to get in more trouble. So, in order to appease Xiao Tianyao. The Emperor appointed them back to the army and assigned them to the front line.

The situation in the capital has finally calmed down. But, the war was still very tight. And so, the Emperor appointed Eminent Xu as the Great General that will lead the 500,000 troops to the border to defeat the Northern Army.

To increase the morale of the soldiers, the Emperor personally went to see the practice of the army with Eminent Xu. And then, he wishes them to victory.

After the army departs, the Emperor had a temporary peace of mind regarding Northern army’s invasion. And now, he can focus on the civil strife that happened because of that “list of evidence”.

Under the great pressure of the Emperor, the public opinion in the capital has changed from the heinous crime of the government officials to the war between East and North. And ever since then, no one has dared to talk about the old topic.

However, those easy and good citizens are not Xiao Tianyao. Xiao Tianyao still has something in his hands that can shake the East government officials. The Emperor doesn’t want to encounter another chaos, but he also doesn’t want to get threatened again by Xiao Tianyao. He must get those things back, but… … 

How will Zhen get it?

Every time he was being threatened by Xiao Tianyao. He feels like eating a fly, so he couldn’t help but feel disgusted. His hate towards Tiancang Pavillion also deepen.

“Zhen cannot believe it, but how could you?” The Emperor slammed the table as his eyes flashed with coldness… …

After the successful counterattack and after forcing the emperor to give in. Although tired, Su Cha and Liu Bai were very happy. However, they also cannot help but worry: “The Emperor ate a big loss, he will surely find another way.” 

Liu Bai nodded his head: “The evidence in our hands is a double-edged sword. To fight them, we may also get hurt. If those palace ministers learned that there were still other evidence, I’m afraid they will get desperate.”

“We must deal with them as soon as possible. Otherwise, we will really get in trouble.” Su Cha has a calm face, but his eyes flashed with worry.

As the saying goes, if you provoke a devil, the consequence will not be light. So, if they really want to push those people to the cliff, they must prepare a crazy plan.

Xiao Tianyao keeps listening to Su Cha and Liu Bai’s conversation. But, when they finished, he opens his mouth and said: “Burn.”

“Huh?” Su Cha felt surprised and thought he’s having a hallucination.

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