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“Okay.” Right now, it seems she doesn’t need to do anything else.

After taking a bath, Lin Chujiu sober up a lot. And so, she took the initiative to ask Zhenzhu and Feicui’s concern.

“Wangfei, there were several furen that had sent a letter and invited you to enjoy the flowers with them.” Zhenzhu and Feicui said at the same time.

In the past, this type of letters was sent directly to Xiao Wangye. But, because he was so busy in these past two days, Housekeeper Cao sent it to Lin Chujiu, so she can decide on her own.

Lin Chujiu hates trouble, so she said: “No, reject them all.”

Zhenzhu and Feicui have long been expecting this answer.

Shanshu came forward as soon as the temperature of the cup of milk become right.

As soon as the warm milk flow in her throat up to her stomach, Lin Chujiu felt her body become warm. Her slightly frowning eyebrows also couldn’t help but relax. And it seems, her mood become quite good.

Seeing this, Shanshu casually said what’s on her mind: “When this slave went to the kitchen to get this milk, I heard Housekeeper Cao said to the cook, to prepare another meal. It seems Wangye didn’t eat dinner because he was so busy ah. Housekeeper Cao was worried if Wangye was in pain, but he doesn’t know how he will take of Wangye. He can only stare and wish for Wangye to eat his three meals.”

Shanshu keeps talking while staring at Lin Chujiu. Because she’s looking forward to seeing her reaction, but… …

Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t hear anything like usual. She only sips and sips the milk, as her mouth got covered with a white mark.

Shanshu felt depressed, but she didn’t give up, she added: “Housekeeper Cao said, he couldn’t blame Wangye for forgetting to take care of himself. Because we are in a very tight situation. There were many people that keeps secretly monitoring the Xiao Wangfu. And a few days ago, some of the people who deliver our food were killed to switch our supplies. If our kitchen people were not careful, we would have been poisoned by now.”

Shanshu keeps talking about different stuff, but she found out that Lin Chujiu was still feeling indifferent. So, she couldn’t help but feel anxious. Lin Chujiu only continue to drink her milk, so Shanshu impulsively went in front of her.

“Wangfei, don’t you want to see the Wangye? We don’t know if he will sleep today. Housekeeper Cao said Wangye’s wounds were bleeding. But as soon as Doctor Wu deliver his medicine, Wangye kick him out. Wangye doesn’t have anyone to look for him. Wangfei, can’t you go and see Wangye?” Shanshu was looking forward to it, but it seems, things are not that easy.

She doesn’t know whether using Housekeeper Cao’s words were right or wrong. She just tried to persuade their Wangfei.

Lin Chujiu had taken care Xiao Tianyao the whole night. But, he didn’t bulge. So, Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if Shanshu wants her to take care of Xiao Tianyao again or bowed down her head on him.

Lin Chiujiu’s facial expression become cold: “Did Wangye ask you to do this?”

“No, no.” Shanshu knows she shouldn’t have said much, but she could no longer take them back.

“Then, is Houskeeper Cao your master?”

The more Lin Chujiu’s words become sharp, the more Shanshu’s body trembled. She shook her head again and again while saying: “No, no, this slave’s master is Wangfei.”

“You’re wrong, your master is not me.” Lin Chujiu said while gently holding Shanshu. However, Shanshu’s body trembled even more. Shanshu immediately kneels on the floor and said: “Wangfei, this slave is wrong.”

Seeing this, Zhenzhu, Manao, and Feicui also follow. They all kneel on the floor and beg for mercy.

They didn’t think Shanshu’s persuasion will lead into this. So, they don’t know what to do.

Lin Chujiu didn’t look at the four kneeling maidservants, she only coldly said: “Remember who’s your real master is, so you won’t get confused later.”

After she finished, Lin Chujiu walked passed through them… …

What do these people think of her?

Whether it is right or wrong, why would she bow down her head?

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