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Lin Chujiu didn’t feel embarrassed, she bowed her head towards Xiao Tianyao and said: “Wangye, your awake? Did you feel uncomfortable?”

Xiao Tianyao was looking forward to seeing the reddish and shy face of Lin Chujiu. But, Lin Chujiu is not shy at all. She even went straight to her official business.

“No,” If benwang was not feeling well, will benwang get another medical treatment?

“Ok, I’ll check your body temperature.” Lin Chujiu nodded her head, then said.

Aside from checking his temperature, Lin Chujiu also check his pulse. And indeed, just like what he said, Xiao Tianyao’s body has no sign of any problem. He passed through the critical stage. He only has a low-grade fever.

“Wangye still has a little fever, so you still need to rest. Watch out for the bleeding signs of your wounds, but don’t remove them. Additionally, your foods should all be soft. If you have a lot of work to do, finished only some of them and then go back to rest. The most important point here is, don’t force your legs. If you need something, go ask someone for help.” Lin Chujiu said, but what she actually wanted to say is: Wangye, if you want to urinate, go ask someone to get what urinals you want or ask that person to solve it for you!

But, of course, Lin Chujiu doesn’t dare to say those words out loud.

Lin Chujiu said a few more reminders and only stopped when Doctor Wu arrived.

“Doctor Wu, you came on time. I’ll go back to rest now.” Although Lin Chujiu was able to sleep, she still looks very tired and pale. And it seems, she will only recover after three to five days of rest.

“Well, then.” Lin Chujiu simply added. She didn’t even say a few warm words. Instead, it was Doctor Wu who said a few words of concern and then, attentively sent Lin Chujiu outside, but he has an inexplicable facial expression… …

Hu hu hu … … he really doesn’t want to be left alone with their Wangye ah!

It is really hard to live in desperation!

Doctor Wu looked at Lin Chujiu’s departing figure and reluctantly turned around. But, the moment he turned around, he already adjusted his mood. Doctor Wu look at Xiao Tianyao and pay his respect: “Wangye, this subordinate will now come and serve you, does Wangye want to freshen up first?”

Their Wangfei is a hardworking person. But, she didn’t serve their Wangye a meal first before she left. This is bad ah!

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have much patience when it comes to Doctor Wu. So, after having his breakfast, he already sent him away. He also completely ignores Lin Chujiu’s reminders and asks a servant to push him with his wheelchair.

Xiao Tianyao is like a god in the eyes of his servants. So, even if those servants don’t want to move him, they didn’t try to persuade him.

Similarly, for Xiao Tianyao, such small injuries are nothing. He got heavily wounded several times before, but he was still able to kill thousands of enemies. So, right now, with four small incisions, he doesn’t even need his wheelchair, if he could stand up.

After Xiao Tianyao’s usual official business hour, Liu Bai came.

“Wangye, Tiancang Pavillion has sent this with their intelligence.” Tiancang Pavilion still gives Xiao Tianyao a face, but they didn’t let Liu Bai to personally take the report and only handed it to him. Of course, that is because Tiancang Pavilion wanted to ask a few question about Xiao Tianyao’s situation. So, Liu Bai sends them away immediately.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao took the report and casually turned a few pages: “Tiancang Pavilion really deserved their reputation. The report is very detailed and accurate.” Small or big, the government officials crimes were one by one recorded in the report. So, his one hundred thousand silver didn’t come to waste.

“Tiancang Pavillion’s report has always been detailed and accurate, but I’m afraid… …” Liu Bai didn’t finish saying his words, but that doesn’t mean Xiao Tianyao didn’t understand it.

Tiancang Pavillion’s front people sent them the report, but their back people will definitely betray them. And this is something the Tiancang Pavillion East Envoy is really planning to do… …

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