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Although she can heal her body, it will still take a year before her body becomes healthy again. So, if something happens to her in the middle of the treatment, the result will be unthinkable. Just by thinking about it, Lin Chujiu felt tired.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes become gloomy… …

In fact, if Lin Chujiu didn’t mention it, he will not remember that she could only live a few more years.

Just by thinking that Lin Chujiu could only survive a few more years, Xiao Tianyao’s heart aches so bad. He felt like someone was stabbing him, so he couldn’t help but grasp his chest.

Xiao Tianyao firmly holds his chest and took a deep breath several times to calmed himself. And when he finally calms down, he said: “Lin Chujiu, after benwang fixed the issue in the East, benwang will take you to the Central Empire to get treatment.” With the Central Empire’s reputation, they definitely have a way to cure Lin Chujiu. 

“Central Empire?” Lin Chujiu lazily replied with one sentence and stayed motionless: “Does that mean I have to become a Martial God to enter that place?” She is not a man ah. So, why does she need to practice martial arts and become a martial god? Besides, she can heal herself, so why does she need to seek others help?

“Benwang will become a Martial God. When that time comes, benwang will take you to the Central Empire.” Xiao Tianyao is very confident in this matter. Besides, if he didn’t get into an accident, he is a Martial God by now.

Lin Chujiu said with indifferent tone: “Tell me when the time comes.”  When you become a Martial God, you already have forgotten who I am.

Is she looking down on benwang?

Don’t she trust benwang?

Xiao Tianyao wrinkled his eyebrows but didn’t say anything.

He must go the Central Empire, he must go there whether for her sake or for himself.

But, he didn’t lie when he said he’ll do it for her.

Lin Chujiu was busy all day, so she was very tired. She’s trying not to close her eyes because Xiao Tianyao was still talking. But, not long after she leaned her head on the table, a white shiny thing flow out from her mouth.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t help but smile. And then, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. A man dressed in black immediately appeared. He kneels with his one knee and said: “Master.”

“Lift her up.” Xiao Tianyao said. And in order for the man dressed in black to believe his words. Xiao Tianyao moves to the side, leaving half of his bed open for Lin Chujiu.

Wangye wants me to hold Wangfei?

At first, the man dressed in black thought he heard it wrong. But, when he saw Xiao Tianyao move to the side, he finally understood that he isn’t wrong. Their Wangye really gave him such a wonderful task.

Their Wangye want him to lift up their Wangfei and transfer her to the bed. But, is he going to kill him afterward?

The man dressed in black readily implemented Xiao Tianyao’s order without hesitation. But deep inside, his heart was beating fast.

Is he… … really their ruthless housemaster?

Why did he suddenly become reasonable?

The man dressed in black felt like he was dreaming, so he secretly pinched himself, but he felt the pain.

The man dressed in black didn’t dare to stay longer. So, the moment he laid the stiff Lin Chujiu on the bed. He turned around and ran away fast. Xiao Tianyao himself felt amazed at his speed.

Xiao Tianyao’s bed is very big. So, even though the two of them was lying there,  Lin Chujiu can sleep very well without worrying of touching each other. Xiao Tianyao is also not worried because Lin Chujiu won’t be able to kick his wounds.

This is the first time they had slept in the same bed!

So, looking at the woman lying on his side. Xiao Tianyao got soft and pulled the quilt to cover Lin Chujiu’s body. Xiao Tianyao hesitated for a long time, but when he finally decided to stretch out his arm to hug Lin Chujiu… …

Lin Chujiu turned her body again and again to the opposite side. Leaving Xiao Tianyao all alone to the side.

Xiao Tianyao’s hand got stiff in the air, but he didn’t get angry. Instead, he smiled because… …

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