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“Help benwang to get up.” Although he is conscious, his body was still under the effect of anesthesia. So, he doesn’t feel any pain, even though Doctor Wu said he has four incisions in his legs. “Yes, yes.” Doctor Wu immediately hide the smile on his face and approached Xiao Tianyao in a very serious manner. This speed of change… … is not very far from Lin Chujiu’s talent!

After sitting up, Xiao Tianyao removed the quilt that was covering his legs. And so, he sees not only his well-bandaged wounds but also his smooth hairless legs.

Xiao Tianyao’s face turn black the moment he sees his hairless legs: “What did you do?”

“This subordinate, this subordinate only followed Wangfei’s order.”  Doctor Wu admits that he intentionally mentioned Lin Chujiu’s name, because… …

He can no longer do this once he meets his death.

“Oh really?” Xiao Tianyao’s sharp eyes swept to Doctor Wu’s body. His stares seem like could see right through a person’s heart. So, Doctor Wu didn’t dare to look at it, and only he bows down his head: “This subordinate will not dare to fool Wangye.”

“You don’t have the gall ah.” Xiao Tianyao pointed out his finger to the bandage and shout: “Remove it!”

“But, but Wangfei said… …”

“Remove it!”

“Yes, yes, yes, this subordinate will remove it.” Although Doctor Wu himself knows that he shouldn’t remove it, he considered his life first. After all, he will die as soon as Xiao Tianyao order it.

As soon as Doctor Wu removed the wound bandage, reddish stitches that look like a centipede was exposed.

“How ugly.” Xiao Tianyao said out loud.

Seriously, is it really hard to wait? Wangfei had a hard time to put that wound dressing. And because of this injuries, I almost lose ten years of my life. 

Doctor Wu complained inside his heart.

After waiting for while more, Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything. And so, Doctor Wu tried to say: “Wangye, can I put it back now? Wangfei said we shouldn’t let the wound exposed.”

“Remove the others!”

“Ah?” Is Wangye crazy?

Doctor Wu suddenly looked up, and so he saw Xiao Tianyao’s dark cold eyes. At that moment, Doctor Wu couldn’t help but removed the others.

He was wrong, he shouldn’t have bothered to care about their Wangye’s death. He should only listen.

After all, their Wangfei is here!

In order to make amends, Doctor Wu immediately remove the other three bandages.

Four finger length incisions were exposed. But due to careful suturing, it doesn’t look so serious. At least, Xiao Tianyao thinks so to: “No need to cover them back. ” Multiple bandages makes him so uncomfortable.

Doctor Wu wanted to open his mouth to say something, but in the end, he only swallows it.

Their Wangfei will come soon, so he will just let her fixed it.

After helping Xiao Tianyao to lie down, Doctor Wu took the bandages and bowed down his head to leave. However… …

As soon as he opened the door, he saw Lin Chujiu who was about to knock on the door.

“Wang, Wangfei?” Seeing Lin Chujiu, Doctor Wu who was feeling guilty immediately hide the bandages behind his back.

Unfortunately, he was one step late, because Lin Chujiu had seen it.

“You removed the bandages?” Lin Chujiu’s black eyes immediately flared.

“Yes, no, no, no.” Doctor Wu nodded his head first, then shook his head again and again.

“In the end, which one is it?” Because of his strange answer, Lin Chujiu’s anger fired up.

He said she should take a bath and eat so that she could take care of Xiao Tianyao. Is it because he wanted to bring her trouble?

“No, no,” Doctor Wu firmly shaking his head.

“If it’s not you, then who removed them ah?” Is it Wangye himself? Did he wake up?

“I, I … …” I was wronged ah!

Doctor Wu almost wanted to cry, because he couldn’t say the truth!

“Forget it, I’ll see for myself.” Lin Chujiu pushed Doctor Wu and walked inside… …

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