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Xiao Tian Yao was destined to get disappointed!

Lin Chujiu came inside the operating room. And when she determined that the lock in her medical box has no trace of tampering. She opened it and took out her medical instruments one by one.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but feel grateful to the Central Empire of this world. Because whatever she took out, the people here could accept it once she told them that it came from there.

Lin Chujiu neatly place her medical instrument one by one in the operating table. And then, she adjusted it’s position and said to Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, I know you can walk at least two steps. I’ll help you to lie down after.”

If Xiao Tianyao refused, then he should wait for someone to lift him up.

“Mmm.” Even if it’s his own people, Xiao Tianyao didn’t let himself to be lifted up. Because his pride doesn’t allow it.

Xiao Tianyao’s legs cannot be forced and stand for too long, so Lin Chujiu put his arm around her shoulder to help him. Xiao Tianyao made sure to put most of his weight on his legs.

However, by the time Xiao Tianyao reached the operating table, Lin Chujiu still had a sweat.

Xiao Tianyao is not fat, but he’s relatively heavy.

So, before her heart could calm down, Lin Chujiu had to take two deep breaths. Lin Chujiu help Xiao Tianyao to lie flat before she took out the anesthesia machine.

“Wangye, you need to cooperate with me.” Lin Chujiu said while holding the anesthesia face mask.

“What is that?” It looks like a face armor, but not exactly.

“Wangye, you don’t need to know. But, you can rest assured, I will not kill you.” If she told Xiao Tianyao that she will give him general anesthesia, he will not cooperate, right?

“If you won’t say it, do you think benwang will cooperate?” Xiao Tianyao smile coldly. Lin Chujiu sighed and said: “Wangye, you will feel in pain when I cut your legs with a knife, so I need to seal your sense of pain.”

“You think benwang is afraid of pain?” Xiao Tianyao coldly hums in disdain. And felt very dissatisfied with Lin Chujiu’s distrust in his ability.

“Wangye, I know you’re not afraid of pain. I know you’re stronger than the most average person. But… … Can you promise me that your muscles will remain relaxed once I started cutting?” A person can endure pain, but it couldn’t control the body’s reaction.

Not afraid of pain, does not mean a person doesn’t know what pain is.

He is not sure, but he doesn’t want to lose his consciousness. So, he asks: “Are you sure that thing will only make benwang lose his sense of pain in the legs and will stay awake?”

Xiao Wangye you are too naive!

Lin Chujiu will use a general anesthesia. So, how can Xiao Tianyao stay awake? However, Lin Chujiu will not say it.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head and said: “Yes, I am sure of it.”

“Ok, benwang will believe you once.” Lin Chujiu’s face looks like she’s not lying. However, the reason why he chooses to believe her this time is that he doesn’t want to open her old scar.

“Wangye, thank you for the trusting me.” But this time, Lin Chujiu will betray him. “Close your eyes and relax your body. Just think you’re having a good rest. I will call you very soon.”

Lin Chujiu’s face looks very calm. It doesn’t have any trace of anxiety. Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao relaxed his body. Lin Chujiu put the anesthesia mask over his face and gradually administer the anesthesia.

Xiao Tianyao trust Lin Chujiu, so he cooperated with her. He closes his eyes and relaxes his body… …

The anesthesia soon played its role, so Xiao Tianyao felt his eyelids become more and more heavy. He felt very sleepy, so he thinks he was lying too comfortable. However, soon enough, he finds it weird. 

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