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There is nothing in this world that can be kept hidden!

Tiancang Pavilion is the largest intelligence organization in the four countries. It doesn’t belong to any country, that is why they can claim that there is nothing in the four countries that they don’t know, nor couldn’t afford to found out.

And as long as you can afford to pay them, they can even help you to find out what color of underwear did the emperor wear today. Or even how long did he last with his concubine for the night… …

But, as for who the owner of it? No one still knows. However, rumors said that the owner came from the Central Empire. So, even though the four countries hate its existence. They cannot dare to take it down.

Tiancang Pavillion also has four special envoys that hold silver moon medallion.So, how many emperors do you think was forced to give them a face?

Of course, Tiancang Pavilion’s special envoys also do the same. And in fact, they have a good relationship with the four emperors. Tiancang Pavillion doesn’t meddle, nor favor anyone. At ordinary times, they help the four emperors to find the information they need, as long as it doesn’t involve personal interest of both countries.

However, it’s true, that if someone pays them to find out the emperor’s private affairs. Their front people sell the information to the said customer, while their back people will sell the news to the emperor.

What does that mean? They don’t keep their customer’s request confidential? They sell out their customers?

Yes, because that’s how Tiancang Pavillion works. They sell whatever news that can make them money. So, if the customer is against it, then, they shouldn’t come in their place. Because Tiangcang Pavillion doesn’t really pay much care to their average customers.

That’s right, Tiancang Pavillion is a total crook!

Therefore, not unless they are the last resort, most average people choose not to go to them to avoid more trouble. Tiancang Pavillion doesn’t mind either. Because they charged very high. After all, they work competitive in this line of job, as to avoid others from copying them.

But of course, even though Tiancang Pavillion is known for being crook. There are still a few people that they don’t dare to sell out.

For example, a few people that are leveled Martial God in the four countries. Tiancang Pavillion is not in suicidal state to sell those people’s information. Another person is, the God of War of the Eastern Country, Xiao Tianyao. Unless the four emperors specifically asked them. They won’t dare to sell him.

Tiancang Pavillion is not afraid of Martial Gods, it’s just, they don’t want to offend them. As for Xiao Tianyao? Tiancang Pavillion felt so ashamed with this.

That year, Tiancang Pavillion sold information about Xiao Tianyao to a woman that admires him. That woman took advantage of Tiancang Pavillion’s sold information. And so, she almost climbed Xiao Tianyao’s bed.

In Xiao Tianyao’s rage, he alone rushed into the Tiancang Pavillion and seriously injured the Special East Envoy.

Tiancang Pavilion wanted to retaliate, but… …

Xiao Tianyao has not yet broken into a Martial God level, but his combat skills were not inferior to a real one. And also, at that time, Xiao Tianyao said that he will go all out and accompany them to a war. After all, he wanted to see if Tiancang Pavillion was as powerful as his 300, 000 soldiers.

Their encounter with Xiao Tianyao was truly devastating. Tiancang Pavillion who has no other choice that time step back. But after that, Tiancang Pavillion learned from that experience. Tiancang Pavillion’s Special East Envoy was hit in the face, so why would he let himself get beaten again, right?

Besides, not everyone is like Xiao Tianyao. Not everyone cannot become a Martial God level. Not everyone can’t play the strength of a truly Martial God. Right now, Tiancang Pavillion has four Martial God envoys, so who will be afraid of a tiny bird!

However, no matter how arrogant Tiancang Pavilion’s Special East Envoy is. He cannot change the fact that Xiao Tianyao hit his face. And after that incident, although they haven’t reconciled, the two of them made an invincible connection.

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