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First, find the collar and undo the buttons. The buttons look really weird, but the weirdest part is its sleeves. Because the sleeves are very tight and it’s really troublesome… …

With Xiao Tianyao’s high IQ, he didn’t put much effort to wear it. And he almost finished wearing it without a sweat.

Lin Chujiu looks like a capable doctor in a clean white surgical gown. But, with Xiao Tianyao, he looks more than that. He looks more promising than a person could ever imagine.

When Xiao Tianyao wears the loose surgical gown in his wheelchair, Lin Chujiu got stunned on the spot… …

This can simply make my nosebleeds!

Why does he look so attractive no matter what he wears?

He looks so attractive in his wheelchair, so what more if he stood up?

Lin Chujiu look at Xiao Tianyao’s legs and found out that his legs are really long. And it seems. her waist only reaches the level of his hips.

Sure enough, there are things in life that can make a person feel jealous.

Lin Chujiu touched her nose and found out that she’s still in a calm state because she hasn’t had a nosebleed. Given this opportunity, Lin Chujiu immediately took away her gaze to that dazzling person. 

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know, but while she’s in a daze. Xiao Tianyao who was inside the hall also took a glimpse of her. Fortunately, Xiao Tianyao didn’t notice the change in her behavior. He only notices that her temperamental change in that clothing.

Her childish appearance has disappeared. Her eyes that were very calm look so confident. Which made her appearance looks so dazzling under the sunlight.

Lin Chujiu’s appearance looks contradicting in her usual self, but very charming. So, for a moment, Xiao Tianyao also couldn’t help but stare. However, when he comes back to his senses, he realized that Lin Chujiu was drooling for him.

Saying that she’s drooling may be a little exaggerated. But, that behavior of Lin Chujiu is very familiar to him.

Xiao Tianyao clearly knows that behavior. Because whenever he appeared in front of many people, he could see that those women don’t know where to put their eyes. He used to feel sicked and nauseated when it happens. But this time, he didn’t feel disgusted, but rather he felt happy. 

Unfortunately, Lin Chujiu’s reaction ended so fast. So, he wasn’t able to enjoy it. Lin Chujiu averted her eyes, so Xiao Tianyao suspected that he looks ugly in that outfit.

Lin Chujiu went to the temporary “operating table” and arrange her surgical instruments one by one and other needed stuff. She made sure that everything is prepared because this time, she doesn’t have a surgical assistant.

Seeing this, Xiao Tianyao felt strange. But, he didn’t ask a question until he sees Lin Chujiu stopped: “Are these things belong to your master?”

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any knowledge regarding her surgical instruments. Because he has never seen any of them.

“Mmm,” Lin Chujiu has this legendary master. A legendary master that could be blamed for everything. So, it’s very easy for her to take out this stuff.

Sure enough, after hearing her answer, Xiao Tianyao no longer ask anything. But, ask his servants to increase the height of his wheelchair, so that he could see every action Lin Chujiu will make.

With Xiao Tianyao’s selected position, he could not only see the whole view but also won’t block the sunlight. Which made Lin Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction. 

“Wangye, if you don’t have any more question, we’ll start.” As for the commentary?

Well, she is a doctor and not a tour guide. So, she doesn’t have a skill nor the ability to explain everything to Xiao Tianyao.

“Mmm,” Xiao Tianyao also didn’t intend to make Lin Chujiu explain everything to him. Because he knows very clearly that Lin Chujiu will heal his legs as she promised.

And also, what matters right now is for his legs to get treatment. Because when that happens, he’ll get plenty of time to talk and be with Lin Chujiu… …

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