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Housekeeper Cao thought Xiao Tianyao asks his people to get rabbits to please Lin Chujiu. So, as the master-servant in the Xiao Wangfu, he personally and deliberately picked up the fattest white rabbit when Lin Chujiu asks them to pick one.

The small white rabbit looks plump and lovely. Housekeeper Cao who felt very satisfied with it, ask with a smile: “Wangfei, do you like this one?”

Lin Chujiu stretch out her arm and poked the white rabbit with her finger. And then, she nodded her head and said: “It’s a bit fat, but I think it will do just fine.”

After hearing Lin Chujiu’s remark, Housekeeper Cao got more and more convinced that he did the right thing. And so, he was readying himself to give the white rabbit a bath, but he suddenly heard Lin Chujiu said: “Give it’s lower half body a steam bath and then shave all of its furs.”

“Huh?” Housekeeper Cao who was incapable to understand the meaning of Lin Chujiu’s words got dumbfounded.

“You didn’t hear what I said?” Lin Chujiu ask with a bit of temper. Housekeeper Cao was still clueless, but it didn’t stop him from executing Lin Chujiu’s command.

After two hours, the furs from the lower half body of the white rabbit was all gone. Housekeeper Cao put the lethargic white rabbit in a big plate, so it ended up look like a… … steamed rabbit.

Lin Chujiu checked the white rabbit again to determine if her desired result was met. And then, she look at Xiao Tianyao and said: “Let’s go outside, let’s go to where the sun light is good.” The sun light outside is just right. It’s not dazzling and it’s not hot.

But of course, when its time for Xiao Tianyao’s surgery, they shouldn’t do the operation outside like this. So, most likely they will build a new house that is not prone to infection. That house might not be able to meet the standard requirements of sterilization, but at least, they should try building it without much difference.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t object, he nodded his head gently so that Housekeeper Cao could get ready and prepare, but… …

What do I need to prepare?

“Just put a white cloth on a table outside.”

Lin Chujiu’s request was very simple. So, Housekeeper Cao was able to prepare them soon.

Lin Chujiu went outside and see that the table is short in height. It’s shortness is not conducive to do an operation. So, she ask the guardsmen to get a few stones to increase the table’s height in her satisfaction.

Lin Chujiu went back the hall and took off her outer clothing. Then, she opens her medicine box and wears a white surgical gown. She also removes all her hair accessories and put on a surgical cap.

Xiao Tianyao was staring at Lin Chujiu throughout the whole process, but… …

Lin Chujiu completely ignored him and just do her own thing.

The face mask that was hanging in her ears made her even look more serious and witty. A look that is very contradicting in her usual self, but sometimes showed up.

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao and asked with kindness: “Wangye, do you also want to change your clothes?” Lin Chujiu specifically prepared another set of surgical gown earlier for him to be able to join her and to not get dirty.

Sure enough, when Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao wanted to join her, she put the surgical gown in his bosom and said: “That clothe is very big. So, you don’t need to take off your outer clothing. You can just put it directly.”

After she finished saying those words, Lin Chujiu pick up her medicine box and walk away. She didn’t help Xiao Tianyao to change his clothes.

After all, in Lin Chujiu’s point of view, Xiao Tianyao has wasted legs, not arms. So, why does she need to help him!

Xiao Tianyao turn around and hold the cloth. But, his movements stop for a long while because he doesn’t know how to wear it. And so, he tried recalling Lin Chujiu’s movement to copy it.

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