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Chapter 141.2
Chapter 141: Value and Send them to Wangfei’s room (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu seems very aware of his personality. Because every time he will send a person to take the medicine box for him to see. The medicine box was always empty. And he only sees a note saying: “Wangye, are you satisfied with what you have seen? Next time, I will put a poison in it for your hands to rot. Don’t blame me if that happens.”

Is it a coincidence? It is a coincidence if it only happened once. But, if it’s two to three times or more, it’s no longer a coincidence, right?

So, after several attempts, Xiao Tianyao who no longer wanted to look cheap had to give up. But, in regards to poison, with Lin Chujiu’s personality, it’s very unlikely for her to commit such arson. Because if she really could, then the whole  Xiao Wangfu had been rotten dead by


Well, if she really has the gallbladder, she wouldn’t obediently get married into the Xiao Wangfu, right?

In fact, Xiao Tianyao really overestimated Lin Chujiu. Because Lin Chujiu doesn’t know that he had sent someone to take her medicine box. Her medicine box has always been emptied. While the note just stays there. Meaning… …

Sometimes, a wise person just thinks too much.

Lin Chujiu went back to her room and ask Zhenzhu to wait for her outside. Then, she opens her medicine box and put inside the equipment and medicines that she took from the medical system.

This medicine box is special to Lin Chujiu. Because even though it was small, it’s layout is good and reasonable. Every corner of it makes her things look neat. So, even though it was full, her things doesn’t look messy.

After putting the medicines and equipment altogether. Lin Chujiu also put two surgical gowns and several gloves and mask inside.



Lin Chujiu doesn’t know what are the things that Xiao Tianyao might not need. So, it’s still better for her to prepare everything in advance and so that Xiao Tianyao won’t get surprised when she uses it.

After she finished preparing, Lin Chujiu carried her medicine box, then come out of her room. Zhenzhu came forward to help her, but she flatly rejects and just said: “I’ll carry it myself.”

What happened to Mo Yuer is a big lesson. And that is, it’s better to carry one’s own things. She shouldn’t let others touch her things. So that if something went wrong, she could only blame herself and no one else.

Lin Chujiu who was carrying the box went back to the floral hall and sits. Her forehead has thin layers of sweats. So when Xiao Tianyao sees it, he somewhat felt responsible: “Why didn’t you let your maidservant carry it.”

After saying those words, Xiao

words, Xiao Tianyao took out his handkerchief to wipe Lin Chujiu’s sweat. But, Lin Chujiu raise her hand and wipe her sweat with her sleeve. Her action looks natural and skillful. So, she definitely had done it a thousand times.

How rude!

Xiao Tianyao helplessly shook his head, but his face shows a trace of happiness.

He doesn’t hate this side of her.

However, Xiao Tianyao who suddenly took out his handkerchief out of nowhere was forced to wipe his hands to disguised his intention. He actually doesn’t want to disguise his intention, because he doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to think he’s a clean freak.

But, if he won’t disguise it, and Lin Chujiu learn his intention, she will definitely spit out blood in anger.

Not long after, Housekeeper Cao personally came to report and brought ten big fat rabbits. All of them has pure white fur, so all of them look so beautiful.

Seeing all them, the corner of Lin corner of Lin Chujiu’s mouth twitch. She is not a pet lover. She only needs one to show the process of the surgery. 

Xiao Tianyao was very satisfied, so he asked Lin Chujiu: “Where do you want to put them?”

“Take one out and you take care of the others.” Lin Chujiu said. It’s not like she hates those rabbits, it’s just, she has no energy to spare on them. And it’s been so long since she raised a pet. 

“Send the others to Wangfei’s room.” Xiao Tianyao is really decided to make those pets stayed with Lin Chujiu. Lin Chujiu glared at Xiao Tianyao, but she didn’t oppose him.

After all, whether he agrees or not, she will throw away those rabbits later. So, there is no reason to argue.

Additionally, Xiao Tianyao is a man who likes bullying. So, if she said everything that is inside her mind, this day won’t end in a good way… …

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