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Chapter 139.1
Chapter 139: To support and Lin Chujiu is also someone who has a backing (Part 1)

Meng Shi fully mocks himself. However, it can be said that he’s not entirely wrong, but… …

“Even if we understand the emperor’s intention now, the imperial edict has already been given to us. Eldest brother might not be willing, but he cannot refuse.” Meng Erye said with a heavy heart.

Meng Sanye also doesn’t know what to do, so he sadly looks at Meng Laofuren and said: “Mother, what are we going to do now?”

What to do?

Meng Laofuren bitterly smiles, then said: “This matter is related to Xiao Wangye. So, let’s hear first what Xiao Wangye will say.”

“We will contact Xiao Wangye? Is that okay? Won’t the emperor feel unhappy if we do that?” The emperor can’t blame Meng Laofuren to do this, after all… …

He’s the one who ties her

family to Xiao Wangye’s bad luck.

“Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I don’t believe that Xiao Wangye will be unlucky all his life.” Meng Laofuren doesn’t think that Xiao Wangye will be silent regarding in this matter.

After all, the timing of the northern country’s attack is too clever. And to say that Xiao Wangye has nothing to do with this, Meng Laofuren won’t believe it.

However, Meng Shi immediately disagree: “Xiao Wangye can turn over this event? He might be a great general, but his legs are wasted. So, how he will turn this event?”

“As long as there is a war, a general can think of any possible way to come back. So, don’t look down on Xiao Wangye.” Meng Laofuren vaguely said. And as for whether her three sons can finally understand it, Meng Laofuren no longer cares.

By virtue, their family’s connection to Xiao Wangye

Wangye will not fall, as long as he won’t get into a tragic accident.

“Mother, what you said is not wrong, but Xiao Wangye’s legs are now totally useless.” It’s not that Meng Shi doesn’t want to believe in his mother’s words. It’s just, he needs to believe in the fact that is in front of him.

“I don’t believe that Xiao Wangye won’t be able to stand all his life.” Meng Laofuren is still very confident with Xiao Wangye.

After all, if she won’t have confidence in him, her granddaughter would be very pitiful.

Meng Laofuren saw that Meng Shi still not convinced, so she no longer waits to hear his word and just said: “I will decide things regarding in this matter. I don’t want you to go out in the upcoming days.”

“This son will obey.” Although they are still puzzled. The three of them wink and agreed

and agreed to just leave. After all, they have long been accustomed to their mother giving orders. And the tiredness is already visible on their mother’s face.

However, as soon as the three of them went away, Meng Laofuren recover her energy instantly and said: “Someone come, bring me a pen and a paper.”

Meng Laofuren personally wrote a letter to Xiao Tianyao. She wrote how Guo Gongfu feels towards this matter. And she wrote that they will fully cooperate in this matter no matter what he says.

Xiao Tianyao and Su Cha were discussing their countermeasure in this event when they received Meng Laofuren’s letter. But while reading the letter, Xiao Tianyao’s face become gentle a few times.

This old lady truly cares about Lin Chujiu. And to prove that, she is willing to do anything for her.

To have such a caring grandmother, it can be said that Lin said that Lin Chujiu is very lucky!

“You also have to take a look.” After reading, Xiao Tianyao readily passes the letter to Liu Bai.

Su Cha and Liu Bai both read the letter. But after reading the letter, they stayed silent for a long time.

After all, they are aware that Xiao Tianyao didn’t let them read the letter to learn the content. But, to let them know that there was a big Buddha that is protecting Lin Chujiu from behind. So, they shouldn’t underestimate her.

However, this is also Xiao Tianyao’s intention.

A moment later, Su Cha said with a smile: “Wangfei’s maternal family is willing to help, we can save a lot of effort with this.”  Su Cha didn’t say Guo Gongfu. He also didn’t say Meng Family. Rather, he said Lin Chujiu’s maternal family, which shows Su Cha didn’t consider himself an outsider and just stick in his position.

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