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“Come to think of it, General Zhou Yuan have come to the war many times before. His achievements back then are quite extraordinary. This official thinks he will be a good Lieutenant.” Prime Minister Lin Xiang of the west side began to introduce his own people.

Because even if it was only a lieutenant, the responsibility of this position isn’t too far from the general. With this, Lin Xiang decided to mix in some more of his people.

Prime Minister You is not willing to be weak, so he also pushed some of his own people to be a lieutenant.

Prime Minister You is the prime government official of the east side.

The two of them occupies these positions to balance the power of each side. So, as long as their recommended people is useful, the emperor has no reason to disagree.

Of course, those people that they recommended are useful. Because if not, there is no reason for them to mention those name right in front of the emperor.

But, the emperor asked again: “Can those people be appointed as a new general?” That is the most important question, but both of them didn’t dare to give an answer easily.

The emperor waited for a long time, but he didn’t hear any answer, so his face become ugly. However, when he was about to open his mouth, Lin Xiang said: “Huangshang, why don’t we try to use Wei Beihou? He is a veteran of war, with him as a general, the military’s morale will be stable.”

Although Lin Xiang is selfish, he knew the severity of losing in the war. So, he recommended Wei Beihou because he knows he is pure and has no slightest selfishness in the heart.

However, the emperor didn’t agree and only said: “Wei Beihou will be 52 years old this year. He is a little too old for this.”

Prime Minister You busily added: “How about Liu Jie? His father is a veteran martial artist. He himself is proficient in martial arts, he’ll be a good military strategist.”

“Liu Jie is actually quite good, but … … he had never led an army before. Zhen is worried that, he might not be able to control those soldiers.” The emperor said and didn’t disagree directly.

Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You didn’t understand the meaning of the emperor’s words. So, they recommended several suitable people more. However, the emperor flatly rejected them all.

The two prime minister secretly ponder. All the person they recommend is suitable to be a general. So, the emperor has no reason to reject them.

The rest of the people they know are too old to lead an army or were too young and inexperienced. So, they definitely won’t be able to bring Xiao Wangye’s soldiers in prestige.

Prime Minister Lin and Prime Minister You are originally a sly fox. So, they set aside their idea in recommending a suitable candidate.

The two of them really deserve to be called an old fox, because right after that, they recommended a very suitable candidate: ” Meng Shi of Guo Gongfu!”

Meng Shi is the current head of Guo Gongfu. And also, Lin Chujiu’s uncle. So, it can be said, that he and Xiao Tianyao are related. But, not very close.

After all, when Lin Chujiu haven’t married into the Xiao Wangfu. Guo Gongfu and Xiao Tianyao had never crossed path before. But of course, even right after Lin Chujiu married into the Xiao Wangfu, the two families are still not close.

However, whether they are close or not, if he will be assigned as a general, those soldiers will definitely recognize him because he is the uncle of their Xiao Wangfei. And whether he is familiar in war or not, Xiao Tianyao will also definitely give him some face.

Because if Meng Shi wins this war, he will get back his army. But, on the contrary, if Meng Shi lose, his army will be wipe out clean.

Regardless of winning or losing, the palace decided to tie the knot between Xiao Tianyao’s army and Meng Shi of Guo Gongfu. Because they know, after this war, both families will suffer and never work together. Even if Lin Chujiu serves as a bridge.

And as for whether Lin Chujiu can maintain the connection between Xiao Wangfu and Guo Gongfu, it has nothing to do with them!

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