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Chapter 136.1
Chapter 136: Appointing a new general and both sides will suffer (Part 1)

An urgent report from Lijia came, Northern Country’s 500 000 soldiers attacked the Eastern Country’s borders!

This news came so suddenly, but still, it was taken for granted.

Xiao Tianyao’s army stayed strong for decades and had never been defeated. Why is that?

Because starting at the age of fifteen, those 300 000 soldiers had already been wearing their military uniform. So, their skills will definitely be honed, right? 

People with discerning eyes could see it clearly. Northern Country’s sudden attack had definitely something to do with Xiao Tianyao. But, no one had dared to mention it, because… …

Xiao Tianyao can’t do anything to fix it. And if the Northern Country learn that his legs are wasted and that the Emperor took his military power. Northern Country will definitely send more troops to take over their country. So,

even if it’s risky, they must try defeating them on their own.

For the people of Northern Country, if they must die in this war, then they will die. After all, they will also die due to famine. At least, with the latter part, they might survive.

Despite the Northern Country’s sudden attacked to the Eastern Country’s border, the emperor wasn’t totally caught off guard. 

When they received the news, the Emperor and his people panic, but the emperor was able to calm down himself immediately.

And decided to face the Northern Country’s soldiers.

“Zhen (I) don’t believe that in our huge country, only Xiao Tianyao’s people can defeat the Northern Country’s army. Zhen also has capable people in his hands, capable people that can be appointed as a new general. This new general will expel the Northern Country’s army and claim our lost territories.”

The emperor said with full of confidence. And

And then, he called his right and left prime ministers, minister of military affairs, minister of revenue and some other government ministers.

Before the troops move, fodder and provisions go first (idiom). Logistics comes first, before the military maneuvers. An army marches on its stomach.

The Minister of Revenue has long been prepared for such occasions, so he opens his mouth before the emperor could: “Our treasury was full of silvers and grains. It can support at least 800 000 soldiers for about a year.”

With this, it can be said that the Eastern Country is truly rich. And the other three countries needed to add themselves before they could get to their level.

“Good, very good. We have supplies, soldiers, and horses. Zhen doesn’t believe that we can’t defeat a little country like North.” After knowing that there were adequate supplies, the emperor’s confidence increase more.

The Minister of Military Affairs was also long been

long been prepared, so he opens his mouth and said: “Our weapons and horses are ready to be used by 500 000 infantry and 50, 000 cavalry of soldiers. But, to make sure our front line cavalry has constant supply of weapons. This official has ordered our craftsmen to build more weapons.”

The Minister of Military affair’s words were full of hints. He said they can supply 500 000 soldiers immediately. Which means, Xiao Tianyao’s 300 000 soldiers were still not included.

“Huangshang, why don’t we send Xiao Wangye’s soldiers to the front line instead?” The emperor wants to eradicate Xiao Tianyao’s soldier, so sending them to the front line is a good idea.

And also because it’s not easy to win a war.

The emperor really wanted to use them, but: “Send his soldiers to the front line? Who will lead those soldiers?” He just imprisoned Xiao Tianyao’s people, so how Tianyao’s people, so how can he suddenly use them again ah?

And the biggest problem is.

He can’t suddenly release those people out of the prison. And transfer them back to their post. The citizens will get suspicious. Most of all, those people influence might rise up again.

The Military officials discuss it some more. In the end, they were very reluctant to miss this opportunity.  They unanimously decided to send Xiao Tianyao’s 300,000 soldiers to the front line.

“Xiao Wangye’s soldiers and horses are experienced in fighting those Northern Country’s soldiers. So, send out all those 300 000 soldiers.” The Emperor throw out a high-leveled reasoning, so the others had no longer said anything.

The minor trivia has been finalized, but the most difficult issue hasn’t been decided.

The Northern Country’s soldiers are known for being a good fighter. But, if the appointed general is good, any soldiers won’t be useless.

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