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Chapter 13: Meeting the bride (Part 2)


Although the wedding doesn’t look lively, but they still need to follow some procedures so she can’t go easily.

Lin Chujiu went inside Prince Xiao’s Mansion. Some people from the palace came to her and guide her according to the rules to complete the traditional wedding ceremony.

Lin Chujiu know the practice, so she doesn’t need special treatment on this kind of things. The atmosphere in the wedding is so boring, but Lin Chujiu force her stiff body to stay still as if nothing is happening. One by one she completed the required procedure.

The whole wedding is no different to the other wedding. However, the bride is present but they can’t see even the shadow of the groom.

At this moment, even the old mama (old granny) got also worried that Lin Chujiu might have felt unhappy starting the first half of the wedding. But since the beginning, Lin Chujiu didn’t complain and didn’t cause trouble.

Lin Chujiu doesn’t care, so it doesn’t really matter.

After all, she didn’t take this wedding seriously.

When the master of ceremony’s sings the ceremonial to get into the bridal chamber. Lin Chujiu felt relieved and it seems her feet got a little light.

Soon, she can remove the heavy wedding coronet in her head and as well the wedding golden necklace on her neck.

Inside the bridal chamber, Lin Chujiu didn’t remove them until the outsiders went away one by one to avoid trouble.

She was dying.

“Guniang (Young lady), you can’t, you shouldn’t do that ah.”The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) got shocked, she quickly stepped forward to stop Lin Chujiu’s actions. But, why would Lin Chujiu listen to her?

“Shut up!” A cold voice sounded, the Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) got scared and step back again and again. She didn’t dare to speak, but when she saw Lin Chujiu is starting to remove them again. She opens her mouth but didn’t say anything.

In the eyes of the Xi Niang (Matron of Honor), she doesn’t agree with Lin Chujiu’s action. Lin Chujiu removed the wedding coronet and the wedding golden necklace and put them on the table. Lin Chujiu’s long black hair fall, so she tried to use her fingers to smooth her hair.

Her head and neck was finally freed

At this moment, the Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) could no longer stay quiet and said: “Guniang(Young lady)… …”

She just said a word, but Lin Chujiu interrupted her immediately: “Remember your identity. My life is not in your hand.”

The Xi Niang (Matron of Honor) got choke in embarrassment and quickly retreated to the door. But, she was followed by one of the maidservants. These people are the servants that Lin Furen(Madam Lin) has designated for her. Lin Chujiu doesn’t exist in their eyes. So, they were trying to control Lin Chujiu’s life and death.

Lin Chuji doesn’t have a good impression on these people. But still, she directly asks them to prepare her a hot water: “Go and get me a hot water, I’m going to take a bath.”

The dowry maidservants stayed motionless and just stand still. The maidservant with mahogany colored dress slowly said: “Guniang (Young lady), this is Prince Xiao’s Mansion so you need to endure.” She wants us to fetch a water, she is not qualified to do so!

These maidservants dare to oppose her?

Lin Chujiu’s eyebrow raise and silently laughed: It seems Lin Furen (Madam Lin) is not really afraid of death!

Lin Chujiu doesn’t really care about this wedding and doesn’t care if Prince Xiao thinks that she is not worthy of him. But today, she already stayed silent in their torture so she’s really tired now.

And if a person feels tired, certainly their mood is unpredictable. With the four dowry maidservants unruly behavior this time, no doubt that they are seeking death.

Prince Xiao is a distinguished person. If he thinks that she is his shame, she can do nothing about that. But, these maidservants think that she’s, what?

Lin Chujiu didn’t laugh due to her anger. She brushes off her sleeves and sat down while facing the four dowry maidservants … …

At first, the four dowry maidservants think they can control her and stay alive, but now they are trembling. The maidservant with mahogany colored dress hesitated for a while, but then she said: “Guniang (Young lady) if you have no other order please wear the wedding coronet that you took of earlier. If Prince Xiao came and saw your appearance, he will think that the Lin Family were not educated people.”

“You’re bold.” Lin Chujiu angrily pounded the table: “Is that all that you wanted to say?”

Those words are not things that a small maidservant should say. But, how come she can confidently say them? Lin Furen (Madam Lin) didn’t forget to give them a good instruction ah.

Seeing that Lin Chujiu got angry, the maidservant with mahogany colored dress got startled a little. But still, she continues to say softly: “Guniang (Young lady) before we left the Lin Family’s Mansion, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) instructed us, maidservants, to discipline you on behalf of Lin Furen (Madam Lin) if you do something bad. In addition, Lin Furen (Madam Lin) said that Guniang(Young lady) is not sensible and never tried to manage the Fu (Mansion), so we maidservant will manage in future.”

Listening to the maidservant’s words Lin Chujiu got even angrier. Lin Furen (Madam Lin) did not only want to control her in the Lin Family, but also in here.

“Lin Furen (Madam Lin) really have good intentions ah!” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but shake her head while watching the maidservant with her eyes that have sympathy and ridicule.

This maidservant is not stupid, but her heart is too big. She doesn’t understand what modern people understand about humbleness. So, this servant got delusion that she can stepped on her head. She said that she is not sensible?

The maidservant with mahogany colored dress thought that Lin Chujiu got scared, so she arrogantly said: “Guniang (Young lady), Lin Furen’s (Madam Lin) intentions are for your own good. So, just sit back on the bed now.”

“Ha ha ha … …” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She got up but didn’t walk toward the bed instead she walked toward the maidservant.

“Gu, Guniang (Young lady), what are you trying to do?” The maidservant’s heart felt uneasy, but still stubbornly refused to retreat even though her eyes were already sparkling with tears. This maidservant doesn’t know what is really good for her, but her looks is more better than Lin Chujiu a little.

No wonder she’s so daring.

With this, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but laugh …

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