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With this purpose in mind, Lin Wanting enter the palace. Lin Wanting use any means to get close to Mo Yuer without any help from the Empress. And because of her constant pleasing, Mo Yuer and her soon become friends.

With this result, the Empress become so happy. She hasn’t used her hand, but Lin Wanting already took a good shot.

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan reported this news to his master. But once the crippled old man heard it, he couldn’t help but sarcastically said: “What a foolish daughter. She already ate so much shame, but still, haven’t learned? She really deserves to be used.”

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan has always been aware of his master’s hatred towards to Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer. Well, that is not surprising, so he just quietly waits for him to vent his anger.

As usual, after saying a few words, the crippled old man calms down: “Just use her like the last time. Such stupid woman is not worthy of my energy.”

“Master, the Empress was also planning the same thing, so we don’t… …” Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan was also considering his position as the palace doctor, so he really doesn’t want to get involved in this matter.

Some things should only be used once. Because it will still leave a trace, even if he tries to conceal it.

The crippled old man understands his intention. His face shows a bit trace of apology: “Master rush a bit and forgot to take into account your position. Do what you see fit in this matter. Master will not intervene. Just don’t let him ruin your plan.”

Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan knows that this is only his master’s empty words. But still, he felt touch, so he immediately reassured him: “Master, rest assured. I won’t let you down.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Master has been waiting for this chance for so many years, so Master doesn’t mind to wait for one or two years more.” But still, Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan decided to avenge his master this time in secret. And completely ruin Divine Doctor Mo.

The Crippled old man looked at Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan’s departing figure. His face showed a grim smile while saying: “Master, you ruined my life. I cannot personally take a revenge on you, but this apprentice of mine will avenge me. I’m sure you never dream about suffering in the hands of your apprentice!”  

The crippled old man had thought that he was well hidden and no one knows his existence except Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan. But after Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan set his foot outside, Xiao Tianyao received the news.

Ever since they discovered that there was a spy near Divine Doctor Mo. Xiao Tianyao didn’t slack off. He immediately ordered his men to monitor the emperor and his ministers. And as well as… …

Lin Xiang and Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan… … Xiao Tianyao focuses in monitoring these people. But, he suspected Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan the most. After all, no average person can formulate this kind of plan.

Sure enough, after a month-long of monitoring. Xiao Tianyao finally found the person behind Lu Yuan. And his master really turns out to be Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan.

But, Xiao Tianyao felt something strange. Why didn’t Imperial Doctor Qin Yuan only instructed Lu Yuan to tamper the dragon soul, but also frame up Mo Yuer with his dirty plan?

Because of this question in mind, they had traced this matter until they had discovered the crippled old man’s existence.

“This person is presumably Divine Doctor Mo’s enemy. But, I didn’t expect him to hide in the palace. His courage is really big.” Reading this news, Su Cha couldn’t help but secretly felt scared.

Fortunately, the emperor took away Divine Doctor Mo near Xiao Tianyao. Because if Divine Doctor Mo stayed near him, who knows how much more trouble… …

Doctors can really kill a person without any suspicion. The dragon soul has proven that.

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